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  1. Holy moly! You all are still going strong! 😍 I love it. 😄 (I'm NOT going to attempt to catch up right now, though.) How is everyone?
  2. Yes it is. I wasn't totally sold on it, but a ton of moms in my FB group for homeschooling w/auditory processing disorder recommended it. However, it does seem to be one of those where it either works great or it doesn't work at all. And thanks!
  3. Thanks! I'll look at that. We do go back and review the sounds sometimes, like the other day when she couldn't remember anything, but having optional lessons and stuff would be great.
  4. That's good to know. I do have the 1st Explode the Code, so when it starts to get too fast for her, we'll take a break and go back to review. Today was a great day. Two days ago, she couldn't remember half the sounds. lol (Seems to be typical from what I'm reading, so we just keep pushing on.)
  5. I'm happy. She struggles so much with reading, so I'm happy that this is giving her some confidence.
  6. So happy today! It's taken us multiple curriculum changes, but I think we finally found one that will work for her!
  7. Ok, so I had to load to Youtube because my file was massive on here. Anyway, in a homeschooling group for auditory pricessing disorder, people suggested we try 100 EZ lessons for Riv. Y'all!! I had my doubts, but this is the first curriculum in 2 years that has made it so she can read!! The pre-Explode the Code books were great, but she is comprehending and enjoying it so much. She's just finally excited that she can read! (I mean, she still no letter name retention, but as long as we have the sounds, we're making progress.)
  8. I think cauliflower tastes like toots smell. 🤣 I still don't know what possessed me to think I wouldn't taste it in this. Also, low carb/keto people put it in "NOatmeal" so they can pretend they're happily eating real oatmeal. lol
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