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  1. There are group lessons, but she works better with the swim team coach, which is a big part of why we put her in it. I was more just curious in general how people determine when to push or back off when the child says 'no'. I just didn't make it super clear.
  2. It's "swim team", but at her age, it's not competitive at all. It's a fun time, but less fun than what she was getting away with in private swim. 😉 Swim is non-negotiable with dad right now - either continued private lessons or swim team. Swim team helps her meet people and helps her see other people working. She's competitive, so she works a lot harder. At her level, it's just a more concentrated swim lesson. She would like dance or gymnastics, but those are not readily available around here or are a much higher cost than we are able to pay. The TV/tablet thing was just an example - if I didn't push her to do other things, she wouldn't. She refused to do swim lessons, but it was non-negotiable. However, we did recognize she needed it approached differently, so we went to private lessons. However, once her coach got her comfortable, she hated leaving the pool. The question I had was more in general - if your child doesn't want to do something, when you push, when do you back off. 🙂
  3. That's my kiddo. If we don't gently push, she won't try anything. It's just been a hard balance for me to figure out because I'm a pushover. lol
  4. Thanks all. I've been trying to follow my gut and it sounds like that's what others do/recommend. So, we'll keep on, keeping on. 'preciate it.
  5. Awesome, thank you. I think that's what I was looking for. Yes, a big part of this is just her strength as a swimmer. She wants to swim and win a medal, but she doesn't always want to put the work in - I mean, c'mon...she's 6. lol I get it. The coach she has is amazing, but I think she also thrives with the competition. Seeing the other kids working and not goofing off is really important for her too. I'm hesitant to push too far because I don't want her to hate swimming (I think it would take a lot to do that though), but her dad and I really want her to be a strong swimmer for safety. Yeah, the "not right now" thing is hard. That's why I'm having a hard time with this. She's already asked when we are going back to swim with the kids and Charles (her coach), but she also says doesn't want to do it. I don't think she knows WHAT she wants. lol
  6. Yeah, we decided that she would do swim. We've already been doing private swim for a year, so this is just a minor change. My question was really supposed to be a more general idea, but I didn't make that clear. 🙂 Yeah, it is a pretty time consuming event, but thankfully her coach is understanding of our prior appointments and the fact that she might only be able to come 2 out of 4 days.
  7. She is a really good swimmer, honestly. But, we are around the water enough that we need her to have good skills as well. We play at the pool, but she prefers the little pool (2ft) because it's "easy". This is the same kid who requested that her swim coach take her to the bottom of the 12' pool and made him do it with her multiple times until she was able to make it all the way down and touch the bottom of the pool. She lives and breathes water, but just staying in the shallow pool because it's easy (her words) doesn't help her get better or maintain her acquired skill. She loves swimming. She would live in the pool if she could. She also wants to win a medal - that's been all she's talked about since we started lessons last August. A big part of the swimming is she also has severe ADHD, so this is a great form of exercise for her and helps us maintain a lot of the hyperactivity.
  8. Editing - I didn't make this clear, I don't think. My question is more generic - When you come across something your child doesn't want to do, when do you gently push and when do you know to back off? My daughter (6) is a pretty good swimmer. She's taken private lessons for the last 9 months and has come very far. We opted to stop private lessons because she wasn't taking it seriously. However, the swim coach is also one of the coaches for the local community swim team. He let us come and do some practices to see how she liked it. She worked so hard and I think the competition of the other kids in her group really helped. I asked her how she liked it when she was done and she said "I had fun." I said, "That's great! Ready to come back tomorrow?" "No - I had fun, but I don't want to do it anymore." I asked more questions and basically, she said "There were too many people in the lane and I had to keep swimming and couldn't play." (She's used to having the competition pool almost completely to herself and she's been allowed to play more during lessons - they would work, then play, work, then play.) DH and I are going to have her go ahead and do swim team this year. The coach knows she has some special needs that might mean we only go half time vs the four days a week, but I do think that even 2 days will be a great character builder. That being said, I have a hard time finding a balance between backing off when she say she doesn't want to do something and pushing her to either try something or continue to work at something. If I let her do what she wanted to do, she'd just watch TV or play on the tablet all day. (not an issue - just an example) She would have never learned to swim if we hadn't pushed. She wouldn't have learned to love Sunday School if we hadn't pushed her to go. She wouldn't do a lot of things. But, on the flip side, I don't want to push her so hard that she hates something. What do you do? How do you find the balance? EDIT: Just adding - she is doing swim team. That's not really the question here. 🙂Her age level is non-competitive and the coach was her private instructor. It's just adding more people to the mix and giving her some healthy peer pressure.
  9. Southern Ivy

    Ignore this thread!

    🤑🤑 Make it rain $100s! 🤑🤑 I passed out last time I had a blood draw. I remember dreaming as I was coming to - I was in WW2 and a nurse and they were trying to get me out of harms way. It was really weird.
  10. Southern Ivy

    Ignore this thread!

    My friend mixes cayenne pepper with her bird seed to keep the squirrels away. I wonder if a cayenne spray would keep them off the plants/berries?
  11. Southern Ivy

    Ignore this thread!

    My random thought as I opened the thread today... I hope Mommy2BeautifulGirls turned off her notifications to this thread.
  12. Southern Ivy

    Come join the discussion - Bible Believing Chrisitans

    Latest update:
  13. Southern Ivy

    Jury Duty - no exemption given - HELP!

    I have been so stressed all weekend; I can finally breathe.
  14. Southern Ivy

    Jury Duty - no exemption given - HELP!

    WOOHOO!! I called the jury coordinator today and explained the situation. She told me to email a request to her and she would pass it on to the judge. I laid out everything, but also made sure to put in that I would gladly serve as a juror when my child was older. (It also helped that DH is going to be out of town, I think.) I just got an email stating that I was excused for the duration of the service term which is through July 15. Granted, this could happen again, but for now, the judge was kind and understanding.
  15. Southern Ivy

    How do you sell your used curriculum?

    I sell mine on Facebook in curriculum specific buy/sale/trade groups. I find I have better luck selling in the specific groups. (I tried selling in local and general used curriculum groups, but couldn't get my items sold in a week. I joined an All about Reading group and an Math U See group and had the curriculum sold within 3 hours. So, if possible, go specific.)
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