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I'm posting b/c I need a BTDT.


Ds has read The Hobbit and all three books of The Lord of the Rings.  He asked me to get other Tolkien books so he can keep the Tolkien love going.  I know nothing about Tolkien beyond what I have read on the inside cover of our paperbacks.  I know there are other "follow up" books, and books that his son wrote, about Middle Earth.  Which books should I get?   These are all old books, right, so there's no chance of ds reading anything in them he shouldn't...  Right?


So which Tolkien books would you recommend? 

Which did you or your kids really like?

Which are the most like The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings?

Do any of them continue the story of the characters he's met so far?




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We re reading the LOTR right now. We just finished the two towers this morning.


Not books, but you can check to see if the library has a series called, "secrets of middle earth, inside tolkiens hobbit/fellowship of the ring/two towers/return of the king)


They are not great. But seemed worth it when I got them from the library. Each DVD is an hour long.


ETA I thinki saw them on YouTube.

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He's 8?  I'd look for the art books about it.  Or conveniently stall out and let him reread LOTR a few times.  I think my dd read them through 10+ times before she ever started the Silmarillion.  He's a little young for that, I would think.  He can also explore the Middle Earth language books/dictionaries.  There's a Middle Earth cookbook.  Tolkien did write other fiction for kids, but it's a lower level that may not appeal to him given what he's currently reading.  You could try it though.  

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My oldest daughter eats, sleeps and breathes LOTR.  I am regularly accompanied by Frodo to the grocery store (as long as her costume is clean).


Here is a link to a similar thread from last year.  There were some great suggestions it it and we have enjoyed many of the recommendations.




The Tolkien Ensemble is still a huge hit here.  We have listened to it almost every day since it arrived last summer and she has memorized many of the poems from the three books from listening to the cds.  



My oldest is receiving this for her 8th birthday in a  few weeks.  It is a beautiful book.




I read Letters From Father Christmas to my girls at Christmas time and we all enjoyed it.  I just finished reading The Sea of Trolls trilogy aloud to my girls and we saw many similarities to LOTR in the stories.  There is some throat slashing and other violent bits in the books which I easily edited as a read aloud, but it might be too much for a younger child reading it on their own.  I have The Dark Is Rising series by Susan Cooper on my shelves to start after we finish the The Secret Garden.  It is supposed to be similar to LOTR too.  They have also enjoyed the Redwall series.


My girls have both developed very deep connections with the books through their play.  LOTR LEGOs, costumes, pretend swords and furry slipper boots (aka Hobbit feet) are a daily fixture here and have really helped them to connect with the books.  My oldest loved the books so much we allowed her to watch edited versions of the Peter Jackson films.  The Lord of the Rings versions are very well done, but the Hobbit left a lot to be desired in my opinion.  We skipped the battle scenes and violent bits of the movie until she is much older.  





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I recommend his Tales From the Perilous Realm.


It's a collection of stories and poems. Smith of Wooten Major is in there, Farmer Giles of Ham, Adventures of Tom Bombadil, lots of good stuff.


And of course The Silmarillion. Though that requires some dedication to get through, and I don't remember how old you said your child is.

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He's poured over The Guide to Tolkien's World/A Bestiary and the hardcover "coffee table" book I got at Barnes and Noble that is full of movie photos.  I'll check out the cookbook.  I think he'd like that.


jaderbee, Coco_Clark, and Penelope,

I'll look for those.



What great info!  Thanks!


I appreciate everyone's suggestions!




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