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Dog &/or cat owners... hilarious


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The cat one was good to but made me not ever want a cat again!  


Funny story,  while dh and I were still dating I had his dog, small min pin that weighed 9 lbs, at my house with my 60 lb mutt.  They were getting along great until the min pin tried to eat my dogs food.   My dog got mad, chased the min pin onto the couch and literally scared the shit out of the min pin.  My dog then stops, mid fight, eats the poop and continues chasing the min pin.  Min pin decides he can just stand underneath my dog and bite his legs.   My dogs only defense... pee on min pin.


When my dh got to my house all my brother could say was, "haha, my dog peed on your dog!"

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Here's a little cat shaming from our house. I could post a photo of this cutie (aka, bathroom predator)




with a sign that says...


I leaped onto mommy's back when she was on the toilet,

but couldn't get a good grip on the back of her shirt.


Luckily, sliding my back claws down her bare cheeks

gave me the proper traction to leap off again.




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My dog likes to eat my shoes.


I replaced the same shoes three times before I finally gave up!  Must have been something in the glue, because he really is partial to that brand.  I posted a dog-shaming photo on the company's Facebook page, just to be funny, and they sent me a $50 gift card.  It's hard to read, but it says "I ate my mom's Aerosoles.  Left her with one black shoe and one brown shoe.  hahaha



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That is too funny about your dog preferring Aerosoles! I had never thought about dogs preferring one shoe brand over the other...


Remember those thick flip -flops from the '80s that had multicolored stripes all the way around on the sides? I used to have a cat who liked to take a chomp on those when he was mad. My flip-flops had quite a few deep puncture holes, lol.

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