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  1. Quick hijack....Sneezyone-I LOVE your floors-that's exactly what I'm looking for! Could I bother you for their stats? 🙂
  2. I'm also interested in hearing about anyone's experience with this school Thanks! 🙂
  3. I notice a difference in my anxiety levels when I keep my vitamin d and b's at optimal levels 🙂
  4. I seriously can't believe you were shamed for wanting to take an anniversary trip with your DH. 😲 I hope you can make this work, Quill. 🙂
  5. This is part of my beef with this particular situation-we weren't told ahead of time that this would be the case.
  6. For those of you that pay, do you receive an itemized list of expenses? I think what is rubbing me the wrong way is that the coach's traveling costs are much more than my and my dd's cost combined. Again, this is just for food and lodging. We pay separately for the tournament fees.
  7. I'm curious as to what your experience has been in different areas of the country, different types of teams, etc. When you travel with a team, regardless of sport, do you pay for the coach's travelling expenses? I'm not referring to coaching fees, rather their hotel, food, etc.. I'm not against the practice per se, just curious. Thanks!
  8. It sounds to me there is more than likely some backstory to this situation that is causing your reaction. I'm sorry you were treated that way~
  9. Pen-quick question.... My B levels are tanked. I just ordered the Emerald Labs B Healthy vitamins and am curious as to what kind of symptoms I could expect if it turns out the methylated vitamins are too much for me? Upset stomach? Jittery feeling?
  10. I'm with you all the way~ We made our second TRUCK load yesterday and are working on the THIRD truck load as I type. I know it sounds so cheesy...but it really is freeing.
  11. This is exactly, EXACTLY, what I'm going to share with my mom. Thank you SO much, ClearCreek, for spelling it out for me. 🙂
  12. Thank you, PattyJoanna- This is what I wanted to hear. It appears SA's hiring practices is what is so controversial. I'm very happy to hear that the gal from my first conversation was incorrect and that all people can benefit from SA. Their truck is often unmanned here as well, which is the primary deterrent that keeps me from donating to them
  13. That's pretty much my stance as far as the "not wanting to support GW due to CEO getting rich" argument
  14. Wise words to live by.... I just returned from a trip to the nearest Goodwill (I was looking for a bag that had been donated unintentionally...GAH! ). Anyway, since we donated just yesterday, I ran into quite a bit of our "old friends" and I have to admit...there was a teeny tiny temptation to grab them all and bring 'em back "home". 🙄 LOL!
  15. Thank you for gently educating me. I'm guessing most of us aren't aware of this particular struggle. ETA-Ali in OR, I meant to quote you, instead I quoted Arctic Mama twice... 🙂
  16. This is disturbing and enough to make me put forth the effort to find a more reputable organization. Where could I find more info on this? Is this kind of info easily found online (I haven't googled yet) As far as the CEO/private jet funding, etc. issue, I figured it was an individual who is reaping the benefits of an ingenious business model. I admit I don't know much except what I've heard through passing conversations.
  17. I've had two separate conversations in the last month regarding where to donate items that are no longer needed/used. I'm just curious as to what the Hive has to say... The first conversation centered around the search for a local charity to which my friend could donate her goods. She refused to donate to Goodwill due to not wanting to "fund the CEO's private jet" and was hesitant to donate to the Salvation Army due to her claim that they don't help those who don't fit the "religious profile". I mentioned our local animal shelter takes donations and the conversation ended. The second conversation regarding this topic came this morning with my mom. I mentioned I was cleaning house and was in the process of making several trips to the nearest Goodwill. This info triggered a lengthy lecture from her on how I shouldn't donate to Goodwill because it isn't a charity, the CEO makes too much money, she wouldn't "dare" donate her goods so another could be wealthy etc. She then immediately followed her lecture up with an enthusiastic "but I shop there all the time!" (oh the irony!!!). Personally, I donate to Goodwill. It's easy and it's close to my home. The way I see it is they are providing a service to me. I'm able to easily get rid of my unused goods and more discounted inventory is provided for families who shop there (myself included). It's a win-win from my perspective, but I do realize that many hold passionate opinions regarding where their stuff goes. All this to say, where do you donate and why? This is intended to be a light-hearted discussion. 🙂
  18. Pen- Thank you for this-you've helped put some ideas on my radar.
  19. This was great! Thank you Halftime! I haven't tried the melatonin yet-my luck it would increase dd's anxiety. It might be worth a shot if we can't get her to reprogram her brain to sleep alone though.
  20. RootAnn-thank you. Last night went well. Both kids slept in their own rooms. I think the dogs in their rooms was key. We did have to walk older dd back to her room around 1 (she came into our room sometime after we went to bed ) but that was the only incident. And now we buckle down for tonight...lol! Thank you, Hive. Your words of wisdom, concern, and questions that helped me flesh this out were all so helpful. Dh thanks you too! 🙂
  21. Thank you for this suggestion, Katy. I'm not sure what is different about this house. They love it here, but still miss home. We moved away from some dear friends of theirs. They still see them regularly but still...it's just not the same as living down the street from them. 😞 FTR we never had any kind of issue like this at our previous home. Everyone slept in their own rooms and beds without any issue whatsoever.
  22. I had to quote because liking wasn't enough. Thank you, Halftime. 🙂 So far the kids are on board. They've agreed to give it a shot with the help of the dogs, sound machines, and a string of Christmas lights. How much they truly "ARE" on board at midnight tonight will be a completely different story...lol. Dh and I have the game plan though.
  23. I appreciate you defending him...heck the poor guy needed it today! 🙂 As with most domestic issues, there were a LOT of layers to my misplaced frustration with him. LOTS of backstory with this one. Fleshing it out with the Hive helped me see that more clearly and address the issue at hand. He had a very valid concern, but the way he approached it triggered some bad reactions. I totally own that. Thank you for your honesty, Katilac!
  24. Yes, the girl is the 15 year old and the boy is the 12 year old.
  25. good question-really it was just a matter of space and how it all worked out. They don't have a NEED to be next to each other, but they do have a "need" to have someone else in that dark scary room. 🙂 Dh and I talked some more and we are on the same page. We both think it is time (well, past time) to get their bodies used to sleeping in their own rooms...alone. We have a game plan in place which includes utilizing the two dogs as pseudo-companions during the transition phase. And yes, I do acknowledge that I wasn't clear in my title nor original post. I did clarify further down though. Either way it's all good. 🙂 The mountain of pillows-totally normal in this family at times. When I was prego with all three of my kids I had a pillow on every single side of my body. I eventually weaned myself down to two pillows-ha. My dh, who recently had total knee replacement surgery, is now the one with a gazillion pillows all up and down his body for support. The kids...meh-just a transition from fort building to having a stash of pillows to snuggle with during the night if need be.
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