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Book ideas for 10/11 year old discussion group?

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I am teaching a small 'Literature' co-op class this fall, and I need 3 books that would appeal to 10/11 year old boys and girls. We are going to do some projects and light analysis.


I was thinking about using Dr. Doolittle, just because it's fun, but I don't know...


Any ideas?



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Once upon a time...lol...I know co op can be tough in this regard...is there any chance you can stop by the library and ask the children's reference librarian for alternate suggestions in case it's a poor fit for one of the kids? You might want to have several titles in line maybe?


Junior Great Books has reading lists also if you wanted a variety of stories and discussions. Just for the record, Doolittle would be fine by me.

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You may want to do some additional reading on Dolittle....there's some really racist bits that weren't considered such at the time.


Deconstructing Penguins is a great book on having book discussions with some lists. If your library has it, it's definitely worth checking out!


Hope you have fun with the group.

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