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Kindle chapter books?

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I'm looking for high interest chapter books that are available on the Kindle. Any suggestions? DS is turning into an awesome reader but print size and spacing issues can still stump him especially on low quality paperbacks. On the Kindle, however, he can read several grade levels ahead with ease.


Right now he's reading Tumtum and Nutmeg, and he has also done some Thorton Burgess both on the Kindle. Would love to find more stuff like this. When I browse on Amazon it seems mostly Newberry award winners and more serious tween issue books. I need something a step down from this, twaddly stuff like Dinosaur Cove would even be fine but it seems like not much of this is on the Kindle. Suggestions?

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Also, check your library. If they subscribe to Overdrive (many do), you might be able to check out those chapter books for free. :) My son has done a bunch of Percy Jackson and Artemis Fowl books on Kindle, but those may be higher reading level than you're wanting right now. I know I've seen Magic Tree House and other such things on there.

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Our Overdrive library has a ton of books in the "not classics or teen angst but not quite twaddle" range (most are available for either Kindle or epub format), and they did not have very many at all six or eight months ago, so if yours doesn't have many, keep checking. Also, if you can swing it, you might look into a card from the Free Library of Philadelphia; I think if you're not in PA, you can get one for a small fee, maybe? They have more Overdrive books than even our big library system.

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