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What should I do now?

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Youngest did 24 weeks of vision therapy and I can tell it helped her in many areas. Her eyes do not wander as much anymore and she seems to actually enjoy reading again.


The main reason I sought out help was she was reversing letters/numbers and even confusing some words (yesterday/tomorrow, forward/rewind, left/right). In the beginning it seemed to be helped by VT but now that she's done it is happening frequently again. She knows right away when she writes something backwards, but I usually always have to point out and correct her with mixing up words. I really don't feel more VT is going to help and don't want to go that route considering the money we've already spent there.


She just turned 11. She has always been a strong reader and taught herself at three. Her handwriting isn't the greatest and she just cannot write in cursive. She can do it and knows how but it is a chore and she hates it. Her spelling was horrible but with Megawords she has become much better and I'm not so worried about that now.


Can this just be normal stuff? Where do I look for help now if not?

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There's been no referral. They acted like more time with them would fix the issue and I bailed because I do not agree. I am looking into a different evaluation but I just feel like I don't know what I'm doing. I guess I will look for an OT in our area and see what comes of that. She's so smart and tests so well but I see the little things that are a problem and worry they will cause issues later. They think they handwriting issues are because of her wandering eyes and that there has just been a hiccup/delay in how the brain is processing things. I can see that but we spent several months trying to fix it and it didn't work. She is also still screwing up directional words verbally so I wonder if there isn't something more going on.

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Horton, it is notable that: 'She knows right away when she writes something backwards.

A major cause of reversal of letters/ numbers, is a visual issue, where letters/ numbers are processed and seen in reverse.

With this, people can generally read a mirror image of a page of text, far more fluently.

They also write reversed, as this is how they see words.

Though an important point, is that they generally wont notice when they write reversed, as this looks 'normal' to them.

While your daughter recognizes it 'right away'.

Which is a strong indication that her fine motor control is operating in reverse?

For example, if she goes to draw an O in anti-clockwise movement.

Quite possibly, her hand will move in clock-wise movement?

Though despite her hand making a clock-wise movement. It will very likely feel like to her, that her hand is moving anti-clockwise?

So that as she is actually in the process of writing letters/ numbers in reverse.

It probably feels like they are being written correctly, while her hand is reversing them?

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