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Beauty and Virtue - what about History?

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After attending conference and reading many threads on teaching to find truth, beauty and virtue, I am sold on this method. It speaks to my soul, and I firmly believe in teaching literature with good books - not just historical fiction. Now my question is this:


how do I teach history?


If you follow this method, what do you use to teach history? Is there a curriculum you use that doesn't overwhelm you with historical fiction? I refuse to use a textbook. If you use SOTW for 1 - 4, then what do you use for 5 - 8? Tapestry of Grace?


I love both literature and history, and I can easily see myself bogging down in historical fiction if I am not careful...

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Most people who use this method seem rather keen on books republished by Yesterday's Classics, and/or books by Van Loon, HE Marshall, Gombrich, etc.


I think the Maestros' picture books about American history are pretty interesting, Kadir Nelson's book Heart and Soul is lovely, and the book Builders of the Old World is a nice one about ancient culture that focusses on everyday life instead of royalty or wars.


Eta I have been wanting to see Suzanne Strauss Art's books.

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We use and I have set up my curriculum at my blog to use the following books for history:


For the lower years:

A Child's History of the World

Our Island Story

Maesto picture book series in the modern history section

biographies and other books for reading aloud to supplement


For the upper years:

Dorothy Mills series

primary sources

biographies and other books for supplement

Great Books for the high school years


I also have some books for high school such as Middle Ages by Morris Bishop, The Italian Renaissance by J. H. Plumb and plan to use the Daniel Boorstin books (The Discoverers, The Creators and The Seekers) as well.

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I will second the recommendation of the Maestro books for American History. We read through them earlier this year and DS and I both really liked them.


Will be watching the thread. I'm always looking for truly good history resources! I am considering the Dorothy Mills books that kfamily mentioned.


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