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Gift for nephew's Eagle Scout ceremony / dinner?


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So I don't know squat about the Boy Scouts, but I do know that it's pretty awesome to make Eagle Scout. My nephew recently did so and he is having a shindig in his honor at his church. Is it customary to bring a gift to these, and if so, what is a good gift? This is an extremely bright, quiet young man. He enjoys shooting and other outdoor sports. I unfortunately don't know him very intimately because we only see each other a couple times a year, and he has a lot of difficulty expressing himself (he is believed to have Asperger's). ... Besides gift ideas, do you know if these things have a dress code? His mom says I can wear "whatever I am comfortable in," but I still wonder. Thanks in advance!

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We attended my nephew's ceremony in the Fall.


We wore church clothes (slacks, button-down), and many were in business casual (khakis, polo). We were over-dressed but not awkwardly so, but this is also a golf town so business casual is the standard for any event - it seems.


I wanted to get him an awesome Leatherneck, kind of to graduate to a man-man tool LOL, but my son talked me out of it. He said he had enough knives. I guess it's like giving a rosary at a Catholic sacrament, everyone gravitates to those? So I didn't.


I thought about a gift card to the scout store, but he didn't NEED anything else from there at that point. My brother got him some fancy framed deal for his certificate, but ours is a smaller store and there wasn't anything in the catalog that seemed ... necessary.


I'm not a cash-giving person, if I can help it. But this was a time I felt it appropriate. Or maybe I was just desperate. Either way, it went over pretty well :)


Two of my sons are also in scouts, and their gift to him was a momento. They got a piece of leather; strung it to a frame made of twigs; burned in his name, troop number, and the year; and sewed all of his patches to it. His rank patches, patrol patch, leadership patches, everything. Looked pretty neat, and he liked it. I guess the leather and twigs had some significance that they shared when they gifted it. The troop got it, I was lost. As usual.


Does he have his own gun? Ammo is always a good gift, if so. Or a gift card to an outdoor store that might sell it, or other related stuff.

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