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Moving into R&S Grammar?

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First let me say that we've always used R&S for grammar and have been very pleased with it.


A friend of ours has been hsing for about 3 years, but has not been consistent with doing grammar. She's thinking about using R&S, but doesn't know where she should start her dc. I told her I would appeal to the wise minds of WTM forums.


Those of you that began R&S later, did you begin at grade level or at the beginning (3rd grade book), or some other option?


Thanks for any help!


Sorry this is so rambling...it's very late for me.



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I think it depends on what grade the child is in.


I began my third graders in R&S English 3 and that worked perfectly. We had not done formal grammar in grades 1-2. There is quite a bit of review built into R&S, as I am sure you know.


If the child is in a much higher grade, she might need to backtrack a little, but not dramatically. I think this program is designed so that children entering the classroom late can go into grade level. You might just need to go more slowly or spend additional time on something unfamiliar.


Best wishes,


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If she begins at the lower levels, the transition should be easy but if her child is 5th grade or beyond, I will begin on a lower level due to R&S thoroughness. It may be too advanced and the upper levels move a little quickly. When I placed my dc in R&S, I place my 4th grader in the same english as my 3rd grader since they were coming from another program which was not as thorough or didn't cover the same topics as R&S in their previous level. It worked out really well. This year they will be 5th grade but using the 4th grade grammar along with my 4th grader. They have really advanced well.

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