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Michael Clay Thompson

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I would start with Island level, then move to Town level within the year. Island level is NOT simplistic, and quite challenging. In fact even *I* learnt a great deal from the story book Sentence Island .... and I'm still recovering from it! My son loved SI and Paragraph Town so much; he is still talking about them a year later.

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I agree that Sentence island is wonderful, and not to be missed, but I would not start at that level for a 6th grader. I am a huge fan of MCT's stuff, but there is a lot of repetition in the grammar materials.


I would start with Town, I think, because then you will get both years of Caesar's English for Vocab, and Paragraph Town is extremely useful for really focusing on how to organize paragraphs. It's hard to make suggestions not knowing what your dc has done before, or what else you might be doing for writing, but I think I would start with Town. It doesn't take a full year to go through a level with older kids, I have found, so you have time for other things, or you can compress and go through both programs in a year and a half. Whatever works for you.

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