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Does MFW still have students use book basket for high school? If so, how critical is it? I only have experience with Adventures and have purchased ECC for next year. I've decided to pull one of my daughter's from her online charter school and am looking at WH&L for 10th grade. I have no experience homeschooling a high schooler. ACK!!!

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In WHL There are lists of other books and movies. But they are completely optional and they don't call it book basket or put it on the grid...... It's there if your student is motivated to do more, but not critical to do. I know we didn't even bother to look at the list and all was well.

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Thank you! We are having a wonderful year with MFW Adventures. I'm looking forward to adding WHL! I just thought of another question. Do the high school levels include any tests and such for grading purposes?



Depends on the subject a bit and which year. Sometimes it is "tests". Other times essays are used, or other projects.

You might want to look at the online samples of each year in high school. You'll see that they give a break down of each subject and what to evaluate. They give rubrics either in lit/comp guide in AHL, in the stuff in Writer's Inc in WHL.


example in WHL.. on sample pages 11 and 12 in the PDF, you'll see it has quizzes, essays, and all of that broken down in percentages to grade



in US1, the BJU text has "real tests.".

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Thank you! We are having a wonderful year with MFW Adventures. I'm looking forward to adding WHL! I just thought of another question. Do the high school levels include any tests and such for grading purposes?



WHL has the student answer questions for literature and history. There are also history quizzes. Papers are assigned as well. You can also grade the maps if you want to.

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Notgrass books are started in AHL and then finished in WHL. but yes, all of them are used. crazy idea ? what if you started with AHL? then, maybe the cost of it all is overall less for this year? I don't know... here...

on mfw's faq page they outline that idea


Where do I begin your high school program with a 10th grader?

We recommend that a 10th grade student begin with Ancient History and Literature. Beginning with Ancient History and Literature allows the student the benefits of reading through the entire Bible verse by serve, seeing God’s hand in history from Creation to the present, and receiving solid instruction in composition during his final three years of high school.


Our recommended schedule:

10th – Ancient History and Literature

11th – World History and Literature

12th – U.S. History to 1877, plus a semester of history which is taught in U.S. History to 1877 to the Present (Year 4). All of the books you will need for this additional semester of U.S. history are included in the purchase of Year 3, U.S. History to 1877. This additional semester of history from Year 4 will be studied independently following the format presented in the lesson plans for U.S. History to 1877.


For students needing economics for graduation, we recommend Economics in a Box, a one-semester course available from My Father’s World.


For more personal recommendations, please call our office (573-202-2000).


maybe that would work or not. I don't know what all your 9th grade did in the online course this year. but I was thinking just in terms of prices.

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My eldest started AHL in 10th, WHL this year, and will be doing MFW US Hist/Govt in 12th. She will be doing Econ this spring/summer through a coop class being offered locally. We will then tweak the schedule a bit to spread out the govt. portion, and just do the US History all year. MFW schedules 1 semester US in 11th and 1 semester in 12th.


If your daughter hasn't done Ancients and the OT, I would highly recommend starting with AHL!


(I say that with confidence now. Two weeks ago, I was whigging out wondering how to get everything done for 12th. Crystal and Julie in Mn have really walked me through it. I didn't want to miss the worldview/Bible portion of MFW US Hist 1.) If you choose to go this route, I'll be happy to walk you through it too!


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Thank you, Mary! I must admit that I've gone back to leaning towards WHL because it fits nicely into the sequence I'd like to keep and starting with ancients seems like it would overload her schedule her senior year. I do wish we had gone with MFW for 9th grade, but we are still fairly new at this and learning what fits and what doesn't. I am on the look out for used WHL curriculum, but it appears to be hard to come by. Still exploring options, but MFW remains my first choice.

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