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Need natural "zombie" makeup


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Never thought I'd post a thread title like that! :laugh:


My 15 year old is in a performance in a few weeks where she has to wear zombie-like make-up: white face, black around the eyes, black lipstick. The problem is she has extremely sensitive skin and the last time she had odd colored make up on, she broke out in a rash, especially where the black was. She'll need to do this for 4 shows and a dress rehearsal over the course of a week, so I'd like to keep her from an allergic reaction if possible!


Does anyone know of a more hypoallergenic line of makeup that would have the white for the face and black lipstick? I can probably get away with eyeliner for the eyes, but I'm not sure how they are doing that yet. Thanks for any leads!

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I wonder if some kind of white clay beauty mask (such as kaolin clay) might work.


You'd still have to test for a reaction of course, but they are supposed to be fine for sensitive skin. Sorry I don't have first hand experience with this, though I know I look like a zombie when I wear my green clay mask.

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What about using a zinc oxide ointment plus a little powder to set it for the white part? Many stores have hypoallergenic products like these in their baby care department.


For the black, I realize this may be a crazy idea, but could you use some soot instead of makeup? We have a woodstove and I know I get a thick, black mark on me if I rub up against the inside of the door when putting new wood in. Perhaps if you put the zinc all over and then added the black on top of that, it would protect her skin from the black.


Definitely do a patch test in a small area before doing her whole face with this. But it might work, and absolutely no artificial colorings or fragrances!

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