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What should I pack for lunch tomorrow? co-op day

Michelle My Bell

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Chicken salad on lettuce. I get a roasted chicken at the grocery store, chop up all the meat, then add sliced almonds (that I toasted), some salt, cut up grapes (either green, red, or a combo of both) and how ever much mayo we like. It is SOOOO good. Even better if you make it the day before you want it. You can eat it on a sandwich with toasted bread and lettuce, in a tortilla with lettuce, or just on lettuce. I'd bet at least some of your girls would like it. (My boys don't, but dh and I love it.)


Homemade lunchables? That might be easier to customize for six people. Whatever cheese you like, whatever meat you like, crackers, fruit, cut up veggies, and a little cookie or something. That could be fun.

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Pre make peanut butter sandwiches and put the sandwiches into the empty bread bag. Then take the bread bag to the co-op with a plastic knife and a bunch of bananas. At the co-op slice bananas onto the premade sandwiches with the plastic knife. The banana peels and knife go into the bread bag for easy cleanup.


If sandwiches are not enough include a bag of apples, cheese sticks ( prepackaged or slice yourself at co-op) and homemade oatmeal cookies.

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