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Notgrass World History and Government in 1 year?

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I am not well versed in Notgrass specifically (have really only skimmed over it at the bookstore), but would be concerned about attempting all of World History in a single year. To do so would really have to be very shallow and even then move at a brisk pace. Dd is finishing a 2 year World History course this year, and it was a full two years. There are many rich parts and pieces we would have enjoyed and benefited from spending more time exploring. It could be done in a year, but it would be very thin.

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We are using America the Beautiful this year and absolutely love it! I have already looked ahead to the World History. Based on the time it takes my son to complete the middle school course (1.5-2hrs per day), I am very confident about the high school levels (I have already started collecting the books for those levels!). We were recommended Notgrass by a friend who was then using the high school courses. They estimate the time spent on the World History course to be 2-3 hours each day and counts it as 3 credits (History, Lit/Composition, and Bible.) I have also heard of people using it and then passing the AP exam. If you need the credit for Government and have the time, I think it is possible.

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