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  1. America The Last Best Hope by William Bennett goes a long way in the direction of conceptualizing the trivia of US history.
  2. We generally set aside 36-40 weeks, but I plan only 30 for the subject areas I administer/teach. Two weeks in May go toward AP tests and the intensive prep toward them. Midterms/special projects in Latin and/or AP classes tend to take a week or two out of the month of December. One week to meet the standardized testing requirements (looking ahead the SAT/ACT). One thing that helps me is to think in terms of 30 units of content, instead of weeks per se. Dd does a combination of outsourced courses and homegrown courses. Thinking in terms of the units we will cover in homegrown coursewo
  3. :iagree: The good news is that the pain subsides a bit with the beginning of Advanced Math. Hang in there and don't forget to check you tube for alternate solutions.
  4. We bought the Teaching Company Latin video and like it. Dd is taking Latin with Lukeoin, but the video allows for us to review.
  5. I am beginning to think of what they are doing with the algebra based Physics as what they do with Micro/Macro Economics (and to some extent with AP Gov/Comparative Gov). I suspect these are catered to the block scheduling in schools. It will be odd indeed if students wind up spending 2 school years covering it (maybe less odd if two semsesters????).
  6. There really is a middle way. As someone suggested earlier in the thread, treat the upcoming year as though it is the freshman high school year with a four year plan in mind. Doing so allows you to have two factors that help a great deal. One, the student is older and has the experience of working as a high schooler. Two, the parent has a clearer picture of what works and doesn't work for the student at the end of the freshman year than at the beginning of the high school journey. We had an almost disabling array of options for Dd two years ago when we were at the high school starts ne
  7. Here comes the venting part. My youngest brother responded by texting me with a diatribe about how he has never doubted that my kids were academically prepared, but he just wanted to "let me know" that in his opinion, school is as much about learning to interact with other people, get cut from teams, run for office, etc. than school, and that those things can't be replicated at home. He followed that up with asking if dh or I had some horrible experience in our schooling past that made us not want our kids to have that experience. :confused1: That had actually never occurred to me as a reaso
  8. “Never compare your insides to someone else’s outsides.†....wonderful line
  9. I second the suggestion to post this on the High School board, lots of great posters in the thick of high school doings.
  10. The College Board is working with Kahn Academcy to make the prep materials available free. This free platform for prep is a key goal in order to attempt to take away the advantage of preparation via programs that may be out of reach financially for many test takers.
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