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  1. We started GSWL as a fun intro. I never could get into the Memoria Press stuff when DS was younger. Even my DS7 loves GSWL. My DS12 is using it as an intro before doing Lingua Latina. We ordered it after looking at samples online (link from GSWL website) and DS was excited that he could translate it. It uses an immersion approach. We plan on using the college companion and the extra books with it. I also downloaded the audio CD from Amazon. Our goal is to finish it over 1-2 years and do the 2nd part and prep for AP exam in high school.
  2. We also are loving Getting Started With Latin. My DS12 is going to start Lingua Latina Part 1 when we are finished. GSWL was perfect and when looking at what to follow it up with, we saw that Lingua Latina was one of the links on the GSWL website. My son loved the samples of it and could translate it easily. We like the approach better than lots of memorizing and chants.
  3. We are doing MUS Algebra I right now and plan on using their Geometry book next. Since they updated and revamped their upper grades and included extra honors pages, the program has more than met our needs. We switched from Saxon last year when I had heart surgery. DS12 loves it. It has filled in some gaps that we didn't know he had from Saxon (he had always made an A). Each lesson has two lesson , three review sheets, an honors sheet, and the test. They are encouraged to skip the second lesson sheet if they understand the material. We usually do the video, a lesson sheet, and a review sheet on day 1. The remaining review sheets on Day 2 with the test and honors lesson on day three. A couple of times we used the extra lesson sheet if I thought that he needed the practice. If you spent more time on it, you could do it over the summer.
  4. I vote for R&S! We have used it from the beginning with DS12. He is now using the 7th grade book for 7th. My DD8 is at the end of the 2nd grade book with her younger brother(7) trailing 2 units behind.. As far as the writing, I found that as it gets to the older grades, the amount of writing increases, which is great, but they don't give you a clear definition of what to expect or how to grade. "Answers will vary" doesn't help me much. However, it is so strong in grammar that my DS has all of the tools he needs to be a great writer, he just needs to know how to use them. I picked up the program Jump In: A Workbook for Reluctant and Eager Writers​ this past week and have found it to be a big help. DS had two composition lessons that he was a bit reluctant to finish. After skimming through those sections in the workbook, he knew how to get his thoughts out. He even thanked me for buying it (very strange) and then a couple of days later asked if we could start doing it every day. We may stretch the R&S out a bit to make time for the added writing program, but we will definitely continue using R&S. Starting in 3rd they include a worksheet packet. Some days, depending on the lesson, I will elect to have them do the worksheet in place of written practice, if they have demonstrated mastery during the class practice. DS12 would rather diagram all of his sentences on the white board (immediate feedback) than put them on papers that I am behind in grading. :)
  5. I was taken back when we got into our 12yr physical and the doctor was pushing it. My husband had already expressed his opinions on getting all vaccinations, so I went ahead and had them give the first shot in the series to my DS12. It turns out that he is allergic to something in the shot. His arm swoll up the size of a grapefruit and was welped up for over a week. Needless to say, he can't have the rest of the shots in the series.
  6. I am using AAS with my dd8 who desperately needs it and my DS7, right under her that doesn't. My oldest is a natural speller and has done great with Rod & Staff spelling. He thought that it was so easy what the little ones were doing that I had him run through the cards with me silently counting to three before putting it in the hit or miss piles. He wasn't laughing so much then. He went through levels 1-3 in two weeks, so I decided to let him continue with his other spelling and save my pocketbook.
  7. We love R&S English! DS12 is working in the 7th grade book. DD8 has DS12's old 2nd grade book, and I bought another copy for DS7! We are almost through 2nd with DD8, and are excited about pulling 3rd of the shelf. She has a processing delay, so is working almost an entire grade behind (My heart surgery last year didn't help). DS7 is in the middle of Unit 2 and is doing great. It seems to start slow in 2nd, but it lays a solid foundation while building confidence. I am going to miss it when my kids are grown. Cost is great, too! I bought most of mine used (not that it is expensive) and it is on the 4th child that I know of. Two of my friends have switched after seeing it!
  8. 3Rs! We go to the zoo, aquarium, nature centers, etc for field trips. My littles also watch big brother's experiments. Last week, my ds3 didn't want to give anyone else a turn with the microscope. With my 7&8, we do the little Rod and Staff workbooks one day a week for science, social studies, and health. It is just the right amount, but it doesn't start until 2nd grade.
  9. We started it a couple of weeks ago. I watch the video and then present the concept. For the writing parts, I help him trace his answer. So far, he is just fine with it. Today he traced his numbers without help. We started Handwriting without tears book for preschool this week, too. In just a month, he has learned how to hold a pencil and can roughly trace lines and shapes. He went through two of the early preschool books from Rod and Staff, this month. Every day we see improvement! We do school for 5-30 minutes depending on the day and how entertained he is.
  10. We are using America the Beautiful this year and absolutely love it! I have already looked ahead to the World History. Based on the time it takes my son to complete the middle school course (1.5-2hrs per day), I am very confident about the high school levels (I have already started collecting the books for those levels!). We were recommended Notgrass by a friend who was then using the high school courses. They estimate the time spent on the World History course to be 2-3 hours each day and counts it as 3 credits (History, Lit/Composition, and Bible.) I have also heard of people using it and then passing the AP exam. If you need the credit for Government and have the time, I think it is possible.
  11. We started this past September with my DS6 (now 7) and DD8 using Alfred's Basic Prep Course A. My DS just turned at Christmas, but he has all of the theory that we have covered down really well. His sight reading is also right at the level he is at. If you follow the teacher's guide (free), it moves the perfect pace for 5 and 6 yr olds. My DD8 finished the book in 4 months and DS7 finishes his book within the next two weeks. I am thinking of trying out Music for Little Mozarts with DS4 as a fun intro.
  12. Kindergarten for us always lasts around an hour each day, five days a week. We do all of our pre-K this year in under 30 minutes. I have mostly boys and they just can't sit still for more than that. 1st grade was a big shock for mine, since it stretched to a couple of hours. Now, we are in 2nd with my middle two and they are done by lunch if they don't goof off.
  13. We love R&S! I used some of their pre-K books with each of my kids. Currently, my youngest is going through them. They are a huge help and very inexpensive.
  14. It tooks us about 25 weeks to get through Level 1. It really depends on the child. My DD7 needed it more than my DS6. He could have progressed faster. We are half-way through level, two, but haven't been doing it consistently 4 days a week. It is usually more like 3.
  15. Of course today would be a meltdown day. I guess what gets me the most is when they are defending their mistakes so adamantly. Yes, I am aware that 3 squared is 9 and multiplied by pi and 5 is 141.3, but your 3 is yards and your 5 is feet. They want the answer in feet. <indignant stare> I need you to fix it and the next two problems, since those answers depend on the first. <tears, furiously erasing, pity party> Okay, I am glad you fixed it, but you squared 9 to 27. <more crying, more pity party, more erasing> It looks great except for this line right here where it says to round your answer to the nearest whole number. <END OF THE WORLD!!!>
  16. I am so sorry! We lost #5 in Feb 2011 the same way. It doesn't get any easier. Prayers for you and your family during this time! :grouphug:
  17. Hi, my name is_____ and I am a curriculum shopaholic. I do have a homeschool bookstore that allows me to look through things, but I have usually read a ton of reviews and stalked it, I mean checked it out, online before I ever go to the store to check it out. Sometimes I feel really good about something and buy it, only to return it a couple of days later after I have really dived into it. My first impressions are usually right (except for MUS, I thought I would hate it, but love it). Unless I am 100% sure a curriculum is going to work, I try not to buy it, but sometimes I can't help myself. We also have several homeschool groups in the area and they have used book sales. I have yet to go to a convention and have my mind changed while there. I usually know what I want to look at before I go. Time also plays a key role. How long will it take? We dropped Sonlight and switched to Notgrass this year, but I wasn't sure how DS11 was going to take it. He loves it and I love that it combines workbooks with literature. However, if it didn't work out, it would have been $150 wasted. Curriculum that we love gets done first. It is not a surprise that Math, Science, History, and Latin are the subjects that he does first. Once you find something that works, you will find that you aren't looking as much. I have spent more time looking at Latin programs this year than anything and I haven't googled a thing for my DD8 and DS6. The DS3 is getting some googling for reading, but I think we are going to continue with what we have. :) Good luck!
  18. I seriously thought about putting check marks by all the ones DS11 gets right instead of what he gets wrong. His science teacher does that and it seems to change the way he looks at it. We have had complete meltdowns over tests that he has missed 1-2 problems on. I have to step back and say, "Seriously, do you realize you are upset over getting an A?" He usually laughs through the tears, realizes how silly he is being, and continues on. Taking Science outside my house has also helped, since he is the youngest in the class.
  19. Count your blessings and run with it! :D I have had two that way and one that struggles. As long as you keep up the phonics in the background, you should be fine.
  20. My DS11 has always used R&S for spelling and is in their 7th grade book this year. My DD came along and I broke out my trusted R&S 2nd grade and ended up in tears (me, not my daughter). She just didn't get it. We switched to AAS and have had amazing results. Will I ever go back to R&S.... maybe after we use all the levels of AAS, we will start in the 6th grade book. DS6 is along for the ride. He would have been fine with R&S, but it is easier for me to keep him with DD8. A word of caution, it takes more time than R&S, but if you were to try to convert R&S into a multi-sensory approach it would also take the time. DS11 did a Spelling Rules class at our co-op last year and aced it, but commented that he didn't learn those rules with R&S. He is just a natural speller.
  21. I love this quote! My kids have one outside activity for that very reason! Well, that an I would go insane playing taxi driver! :)
  22. I know some people could get it done, but I wasn't one of those! After a year of running, I was half a year behind in our school work and it had started to affect my health. This year we took off and the stress levels are so much lower! We caught up last month and were able to start our new school year. Now I limit it to one field trip a month and we skipped the co-op. :) Good Luck!
  23. I bought the ones from Amazon and LOVED them. This last time, I bought the 200 pkg from Sam's...I prefer the Amazon ones. The Sam's ones tend to stick and are a thinner laminate. However, at half the price, they are better for my budget. Also, the thinner laminate is easier to cut for flash cards and such.
  24. My DS6 picked it up very quickly, but DD8 struggles. We pronounce for spelling and and I have to really exaggerate the sounds. Listening the the pronunciation CD was huge, because I grew up with a backwoods TN accent and we live in TX. Between the drawl and the hillbilly, my poor daughter didn't have a chance. :) We just got to Lesson 6 on AAS2. :)
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