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Aaaaack! I need de-cluttering help!


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What do you do with this stuff?

8th grade graduation dress (my mom made it)

3 crystal candle sticks

Decorator items I'm not using now

Jesse tree Christmas banner I made several years ago, it's nice, but we haven't used it yet


I just have all this various and sundry items that are cluttering up my life but I just don't know what to do with. I don't really want them, but..... Can't quite get rid of them.

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Everything to Goodwill, unless you think your mom will be hurt by giving the dress away. Those candlesticks could be worth something. Does your church have a fundraising sale where members bring in items to donate?

I don't think they were terribly expensive candlesticks, though it does say "crystal" on them. But what do I know? Maybe I'll take the out of the box. Yes, our church does have a yard sale in the spring, but I'm not sure how much $ they'd fetch there.

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Putting things in black trashbags in a safe storage location (shop/garage) is a big help. In six months, pull out the bags, look in them, realize you don't need the stuff, and get rid of it. : )


...easier said than done, right? lol! This trick works for me when I have things I don't need or even really want, but can't let go of. It is like a trick on myself...I put bunches of stuff in bags or totes, all the while telling myself they will be in the shop until I need them again. So it isn't like I am getting rid of them, kwim? And when a period of time has gone by, it is RARE that I will even remember what I put in there to begin with. So it is much, much easier to get rid of.



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