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Need a packaging idea for a treat


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I am going to make "White Trash" (Golden Graham cereal, pecans, and cashews covered in white almond bark/white chocolate) to take as a treat to ds's school. I want individual servings so I am going to line those clear, short drinking cups with a Christmas cupcake liner (hoping to find some cute ones) and line them all up on a cute Christmas tray. However, I want them to be covered on the top as well. I was thinking of using clear "something" - Saran Wrap? Celophane? and tying with some sort of bow. Should I use celophane? Is there some proporation/size should cut it in relation to the size of the cup? Would you use wire ribbon? Curling ribbon? I really want them to be super cute. And, I want them to be grab and go AND sanitary (which is why I don't want to leave the cups just open. Is this a good idea? Should I use those Chinese take-out boxes instead? Should I shift gears and somehow tie into the "white trash" theme? Lol!


Just any fun packaging idea you have for this sort of thing would be greatly appreciated.



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I think those Chinese take out boxes would be neat. That's what I thought of when I started to read. Can you find them in the holiday or the school's colors?


Hadn't thought of school colors! Might do that another time! I do think they would be easier than what I was thinking about. I am going to hit Hobby Lobby this afternoon for some inspiration.

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I would use cellophane and wire ribbon (I like the kind with stars). Cut the cellophane into squares-- start by cutting the largest square you can and then cutting that into quarters... should be the right size for the small cups. Fill cups and place in center of square. Gather the corners of the square at the top-- scrunch in the sides then use the wire as a 'twist tie'.


I would cut the wire about 6 inches long-- and curl the ends by wrapping around a pencil.


Use IRIDESCENT celleophane for a cut fesitve look... the star wire should come in a 'rainbow' color that goes well with the iridescent.


In the cake decorating or party isle you can also find clear 'goodie bags'... slip your cup down to the bottom of the bag-- fill and tie with the star wire... so you get the 'trash' bag effect... but the cellophane would be 'cuter'.

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