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large wall maps


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I have two large (4x3) wall maps, one U.S. and one world.

We use both quite often and I love them. The problem is I don't have wall space for both, and it's a pain to roll them and and spread them on the table or tape them to the wall every time we have to swap maps. Any ideas on how I can have easy access to both?? Thanks!


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You could get two cork boards to put them on, which may fit behind a couch, against the wall, in a closet, under a bed, wherever. I have found cheap 4x3 cork boards at discount stores. You could even do one on each side if you want to tape or glue one on the non cork side.


Or you can put them on cardboard (either one large sheet from a huge box, or 2 smaller pieces) and store the same way.


I think they would be easier to take out and put away if they were attached to something sturdy. The rolling/unrolling would drive me crazy! Since they would stay flat and relatively thin, it should be easy to find somewhere to stash them.



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You don't have wall space for both- are you saying you do have wall space for one? If so I would hang one over the top of the other, with some kind of clips to hold the top one out of the way when you are using the bottom one. Not sure how well it would work, it might be too fiddly.

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Here is the solution. I bought a 4x8 sheet of foam board at Home Depot for $8. It's so light and worked great. I cut it with my serrated kitchen life, like slicing thru butter. I put the world map on one side and the U.S. map on the other. Just the solution I was looking for. Thanks for the idea!





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