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Can you identify this plant for me?

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That kind of sounds like it. It doesn't have flowers right now but it does have some green berries and some red? It also some other leaves but I really can't tell if that is a separate plant or not? It is very large though and quite wide.



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:iagree: My first thought was asparagus fern, too. I've only ever seen them in baskets, though, and and without berries.


It's actually in a huge pot, I couldn't even carry it by myself. Thanks for the info. :001_smile: Since it's a hardy plant, maybe this one will actually survive! :001_smile:

And just found out it is poisonous to animals. We had to bring it inside last night because they are power washing our building. I did end of putting in a bedroom and closing the door but late last night I noticed 2 of the berries by the front door. I did throw them away and looked for more. I really none of the cats got a hold of any of these.

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