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How do I unsubscribe from someone?


There are two ways to unsubscribe from someone:


  • Go to that person’s timeline. From there, hover your mouse over the Subscribed button and click Unsubscribe. If you're friends with that person, hover over the Friends button and uncheck Show in News Feed.
  • You can also unsubscribe by clicking 104941232944896_900492128.png next to a post you see in your news feed and selecting Unsubscribe.


After you unsubscribe from someone you're not friends with, the subscribe button on the top of their timeline will reappear as an option.


You can also fine-tune the types of posts you see from someone you are subscribed to.

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You can just hide the photos without unfollowing them.On the iPad if you check Facebook from the Internet and not the app it is easy to hide only photos (which those ads are labeled as). Click on one of the pictures, and a little 'v' will pop up on the top part of that post, click on it and click on hide. Once that post is hidden, then there is an option to change what you get from that poster, and if you click on that it will pop up a box of items you can hide. Clickon photos, and it will uncheck it and hide all pictures by that person. You can go back and recheck it after the debate. I had to hide pictures I was getting from someone that I did not want the kids seeing, so I will not have to recheck that, but I did make sure it was possible.

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