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Apple purchasers...a ?

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Yes, they do, sort of. It's just their regular educational discount.




The discount varies by item and may not be on all things (I can't recall for sure). When I bought my Macbook a few months ago, I got a $100 discount and a $100 iTunes card. I was all set to go home and buy a refurbished Macbook (no discount), but the discount in the store made the price equivalent.



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Yep just the education store discount. You can use it online by typing in "homeschool" in the area to search for the school (just make sure the k-12 is checked and then a "school" will come up for you to use.


If I remember correctly last time I checked you get a discount on laptops and desk tops, but not on ipads or ipods.

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Yep, I got a $100 discount per laptop when I bought MacBooks for DH and me. I just checked with them the other day because we've decided to buy MacBooks for both of our daughters and the same discount is valid. I think I needed to show my homeschooling approval letter, but I can't remember for sure. I was going to take it with me this time just in case.

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