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Thanksgiving unit study


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I know it is a little early but I usually wait till last minute and never do anything to teach about the holidays. Anyway, could you ladies give me some inspiration :) Thinking a good unit study or maybe just some good books and crafts. Thanks.

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Erin - So glad you like the unit study! We may have to pull it out again this year. There were so many activities we didn't get to last year and others I bet they would like to do again. Thanks for linking it up.






Thanks for the work you did with that! I looked at so many Tgiving unit studies and all of them were too lapbooky. We don't do lapbooks. :lol: I just checked all of the books you recommended out of the library so I can preview them and see what all we want to do. I'm excited!

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I've been meaning to thank you for this thread...I've gotten a lot of great ideas from the link!


I have some ideas on my pinterest boards (although I'm still planning too)


Sometime near the beginning of November we will learning about Native Americans (using What your Kindergartner Needs to Know). I'm also planning on doing something with "Cranberry Thanksgiving" for FIAR, although I haven't planned it yet. I have a lot of Thanksgiving crafts and other books pinned that might work for you.





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