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  1. So we are moving overseas to Korea and I have everything but history. I usually use a spine and add to it from the library, but I won't have that luxury over there :( So, trying to find a program that will be good and won't need extra books. We are currently finishing up through 1850. I was wondering if we could go with SOTW 4 and add the kingfisher book but I know that will miss out on a lot of good literature that the AG suggests...anyway, suggestions are appreciated :)
  2. Mine loves the winter clogs they have that are lined on the inside because of the bumps. For us we try on so many shoes till she finds some that don't hurt. Usually they are too big too. Sandals are our go to and she has no problem keeping them on. Also, have you tried used shoes? Sometimes once they are broken in mine likes them better, also cheaper ;)
  3. Have you had his eyes checked too. I found my son was making more mistakes even though he knew the stuff and found out he needed glasses.
  4. I did Abeka K for my dd last year to learn cursive and she did great.
  5. My oldest 2 would both have similar reactions to decreased computer time. One has ADHD/SPD/Anxiety...(9), the other, who is 11 has no issues and they both would probably react like that ;) For us my oldest adjusts more quickly. My 9 year old takes about 2 weeks to get adjusted to withdraws. I wouldn't take that one situation as an indication there may be more underlying issues. For me I see it more as an addiction problem. Take away our computer or phones from us and we tend to be a little more grumpy. Unfortunately the kids tend to be a little more emotional ;( Not saying that there may be more to your dc issues. You also mentioned not being able to afford an eval, there are many places that have sliding scale prices, especially when it comes to kids, so I would look and ask around because there may be something out there that you could afford. I know for us it has done a world of good for my 9 year old.
  6. Since we are off this week I have been reading a lot. I was wondering what your favorites were to expand my selections ;)
  7. Have you read the older version of The Well Trained Mind? I love her suggestion for the lower history grades. She just uses The Usborne Book of World History as a main spine for the first 3 years and I forgot the spine for the last year ;) My 8 year old gets a lot more out of this than reading SOTW. You can go through a 2 page spread 2-3 times a week and notebook and use a timeline then add on with library books on the subjects you are interested in. Go deeper where you want to go deeper. Truthfully my 10 year old remembers tons from the Usborne book vs SOTW ;)
  8. You could kinda think of Bible time as food. Some people are starving in the morning and have a big breakfast,as well some wake up early and do Bible time them ;) Some people barely eat breakfast and eat more at lunch or dinner. The point is we all get our food in at some time. Same with the Bible. We need spiritual nourishment. I am not a morning person. I do spend a little time every morning reading the bible and my kids read a chapter in the morning on their own. I usually do Bible time together with the big kids when the little ones are down for naps in the afternoon. I would personally rather it be quality time than a hectic check off my list in the morning. If you feel you must do it in the morning, pick just 1 verse to talk about and maybe memorize together.
  9. He gets around 2 weeks for vacation, then a few days you could add for holidays, then some sick time also. So around 3 total, maybe 4 this year since he had to take more time off from having surgery ;)
  10. What I think is funny for us is that DH works for a cable company and we get it for free. We have all the channels and extended packages and the kids would rather watch something on Netflix or youtube. I'm about the only one who uses it and if we had to pay for it we would drop it too ;)
  11. You should try trim healthy mama. I'm doing it, on week 6 and down 12 lbs after trying for a year unsuccessfully to lose weight. It basically clumps meals into S meals, satisfying higher fat meals and low carb (lots of great desserts too) and change it up with E meals, under 5 grams of fat and up to 45 carbs. They have lots of mamas who have lost over 100 lbs and none of us ever feel deprived ;)
  12. Usually 3. I love to go to Aldi and that is my main one, but if I don't have enough cash on hand we also hit up Walmar,t and then fresh produce at Kroger.
  13. None of them teach it around here. I love diagramming and teach it. I am very math minded and grammar was my weak area until I learned to diagram. Everything now makes sense when I can see it laid out in a diagram :)
  14. http://characterfirsteducation.com/c/curriculum.php This is what we use for my kids 5-10 right now. There is a lot of free stuff to so some people don't even buy it :)
  15. My 5 year old does about 20 minutes a day but she's doing Abeka video for that and class is usually that long. If I did it with her it would probably be 5-10 minuets. My 8 year old does about 15 minutes a day. She loves math and is quick. Probably will be longer this year once we get further in. 10 year old takes about 45 minutes. He hates math :)
  16. You could add in the AG and just use the book list for extra reading on those subjects :) My kids love Nonfiction so they love the extra books, especially with pictures :) Or add on the Usborne or Kingfisher book too. My 5th grader loves these.
  17. Either would be good, I've used both. I prefer R&S and we do most of it orally so it takes less time for grammar. My older 2 are pretty independent with CLE so that saves me time plus I wanted spelling and handwriting so we went that route :)
  18. We have just jumped into CLE LA this year. My oldest who is in 5th has had no problems and he does it almost completely on his own. It may not be that hard of a transition since there is usually some review in the beginning.
  19. Yay, today was the older 2 first day back so we were busy. I started my Ker 3 weeks ago so she was good but I am exhausted :) I even took a nap after we were all done...can't wait till my older 2 get use to it so can work more independently!
  20. I'm starting the oldest 2 on Monday and am finally excited about it...got a little burnt out last year ;) My K actually is in week 3 so I could give myself a little adjustment time for schooling 3 this year instead of 2 (then again she's doing Abeka streaming so I'm not doing too much of the teaching)
  21. As far as having 4 kids, adding #4 for us was not too hard. I learned to deligate responsabilities to the older 2. Truthfully, depending on your kids ages, if you have a child who is a little older around it gets easier ;) Truthfully when we found out we were expecting #4 I was scared out of my mind. Now I have 5 and am starting to want a #6. If I would of thought about this back then I would of probably feel on the floor ;)
  22. I do. Also, I found at our Doctor office that if I schedule with the Nurse Practitioners I have like a 5 minute wait time. They are usually more friendly too ;)
  23. I have to have it too!!! Since I have little ones DH will pack up the car and drive them around or head over to his moms :) I love my peace and quiet.
  24. My priorities would be to move so they wouldn't have to go to the school we are zoned for!!! ;) I would probably do school as normal and work on things that dealt with peer pressure and making right choices.
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