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what to do when the nest is empty?

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My youngest is a 9th grader this year, so I have just 4 years of hsing left, including this year.


What I have been planning to do after all the kids are finished hsing is to teach high school math and science classes in my home. I taught one class each last year and the year before and this year I'm teaching two. I don't think I have the bandwidth to teach more than 2-3 classes while I still have any of my kids at home.


I just don't know that I can make the kind of income I need to try to bring in with classes taught in my home. It's fine for now while I'm still hsing, but after the kids are all graduated, I need to be able to bring in at least $30k annually, preferably more.


I have an MS in Physics (from 1989), but have only used it to teach. I have taught physics at a community college before (right after I got my MS), but the local cc hasn't advertised a physics position in the past couple of years. I will apply if a spot opens up.


Teaching is what I really enjoy.


I know I could probably teach at a regular public school. I hate the thought of being trapped in that bureaucracy, but I could do it. I think I'd probably prefer teaching in a private school, but it would have to be a secular private.


What other things could I do? I know I could set up to do tutoring and that would allow me to set my own schedule. I just don't know that I want to handle the logistics of it.


What other things would you suggest?

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With NCLB requirements, independent study charter high schools and middle schools always need science teachers with credentials. There is much more flexibility in this situation than in a traditional classroom. The pay is similar. Best wishes.

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I have just finished a year as an AmeriCorps VISTA Job Developer for newly arrived refugees. It is a year as a "professional volunteer" with a meager living stipend (less than $900 per month for full-time), but it has been a wonderful way to build my resume after a long absence from the work force.


You have 4 years and need to begin purposefully updating your skills now. Take classes in Microsoft Office and know how to use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint well. Skills in Social Media are also important on a resume. Finally, if you want to teach, I'm afraid you will probably need some formal educational updates to your resume. I have tried to place a number of tech, physics, and chem background people in jobs, and they all needed to take something outside of their area until they had recent training in their desired field. The networking aspect will also be important.


Don't be discouraged and consider this a reinvention of yourself! Life after homeschooling is an adventure, and going to school alongside your kids can be wonderful!

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When my DS32 was in college, I was amazed at the difference between his education and mine.


His classes were mostly online, PowerPoint presentations with imbedded video, photos, and interactive parts. I was amazed at how professional everything looked. His medical school lectures were also like that. It's a big difference from the massive lecture halls with a professor droning on and on like when I went to college. The only technology was an overhead projector back then. :lol:


So the o.p.'s advice to get technically up-to-date is a good one. You might also want to think about checking into mining companies, international engineering companies, and hospital radiology departments if there is a radiology residency there.


I wouldn't wait around for job postings. In this economy, most jobs are filled before a posting. Be aggressive and cold call all your prospects. Good luck.



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I think what I'd really like to do is a combination of teaching classes from my home and teaching at a school or community college.


I figure by the time my youngest graduates, I should have a pretty good idea of whether or not it's feasible to just do classes in my home or not. I would need at least 50 students total (at $50/month/student) to make $30k, but then I'd also have to pay self-employment tax.

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