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vegans have you seen this guy? ***y vegan?

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Omigosh, he is sooooo funny. I got the book out of the library-- the recipes look good but he is definitely into the "make it look like meat" vegan style. So I checked out his youtube videos .... NOT SAFE FOR KIDS but :rofl::smilielol5: and :drool5:.


Here is stuffed zucchini



and... way back when, someone here was asking for a vegan pulled pork... here you go, this looks amazing, its BBQ jackfruit:



(videos contain foul language, be forewarned!!)


I hope he gets a real cooking show (does he have one already??).


Also, interesting, in the intro to his book he says that he weighed 265 before going vegan (at 5'9"). He got a job for a vegan caterer and on a whim decided to try eating vegan for a month. After losing 8 lbs that month he kept going. He looks maybe 180 in the above videos.


He graduated with a public relations degree that cost $100,000 (shudder), was unemployed for a few years, then started working as a chef.

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