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Is there anything that can be done for carpal tunnel pain during pregnancy?

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I've had carpal tunnel that keep me up at night during several pregnancies. It's horrible. :grouphug:


The one thing that helped me and kept it almost bearable was wearing wrist braces at night. I didn't sleep too long one one side if at all possible, and often slept propped upright to keep pressure off my arms.


Beyond that, I'm not sure what else you can do. :grouphug: again. I know how excruciating it is.

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Get 2 universal (left or right) wrist braces like below. You want complete immobility- not just support. and you don't need it super tight either, just immobile. I got mine at walmart in the health and beauty section. It takes adjustment to get used to sleeping with them, but once it starts working- it will be like day and night difference.



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I had CTS with all of my pregnancies, but the worst with Jax, who

was born in August. I had to wear a brace at night to sleep. You might find it gets better as it gets cooler, Piper was born in March

And after fall, it didn't bother me nearly as much. I tried to

limit my sodium/sugar intake, because when I ate things that were high in either, my hands retained fluid and made it hurt worse. With Jax it took a month for it to completely go back to normal, but the other two it was only a week or so.

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Thank you all for your input! I think I will pick up a brace when I stop by Walmart today.


I had carpal tunnel with pregnancies and my doctors told me to wear the brace with the metal splint only at night. I had to wear one without a splint during the day if carpal tunnel bothered me. They did not want the metal splint on for 24 hours.

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