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Graph theory books recommendations?


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My 6 year old is interested in Hamiltonian Cycles and the Konigsberg bridges problem. What book would be simple enough for him to read for leisure?


ETA: kids play sprouts on the iPad and are trying to win the computer


ETA: found a pdf on Networks and on Critical Path Analysis and thought I'll just add on for anyone interested next time.

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I'm not sure that there's any book on networks aimed specifically at youngsters, but your son might be able to get something out of these resources depending on his level (or you could make a nice parent-child investigation out of them):


Jacob's Mathematics: A Human Endeavor has a nice lesson in the back of the book on networks, motivated by the Konigsberg bridge problem. You can read most of it on google books here starting on p 611.


Michael Serra's Discovering Geometry, 1993 edition, from Key Curriculum Press has an especially nice discovery learning "special project" on traveling networks, also based on the seven bridges problem. His newer editions don't seem to have the same section, but I found a bit of it online here (Exploration: The Seven Bridges of Konigsberg, pp 7-8) and here (Project: Euler's Formula for Networks, p 23).


I also found a longer chapter on Network Math which appears to be accessible to motivated kids.


Not sure if any of this is of help to you.:001_smile: I have no idea what Sprouts on the iPad is!

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We used to have a bunch of the OOP Young Math books and I sold them > a year ago...can't remember if this one will help.


The Young Math books are in general, simply brilliant. They present many different higher level math concepts in digestible bites for kids aged 4-8.


ETA: Also check out this search results page on NRich Maths.

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I have no idea what Sprouts on the iPad is!


Thanks. The discovery geometry book would be about their level.


Sprouts was a game invented by Mathematician John Conway in 1967. It is based on graph theory. My boys are playing the free ipad version.


The Young Math books are in general, simply brilliant. .


Thanks. Our usual library doesn't have it so I'll get hubby to check on link+.

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