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Don't quote me...

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I have seen that statement many times over the years from people. They say don't quote me, I may decide to delete this. I didn't know that it is that easy to get a thread deleted. I am just curious though, what does one have to do with the other in regards to whether it makes a difference if someone quotes you or not. Just wondering...

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FWIW, it's generally considered bad internet etiquette to delete your posts, because it turns a complete conversation into Swiss cheese.


However, a forum like this is sometimes the only place a person has to bounce reactions to certain circumstances, and/or the only "safe" place to ask for advice on an issue they'd otherwise not like to make public. In that case, deleting later keeps the information from embarrassing a third party, or its being used against the OP by a non-forum member who comes across the post (ie, that personality disordered in-law who trolls sites frequented by other family members, or that divorce attorney gathering tidbits for his client's case).

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