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Need advice please!

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Hi everyone,


My daughter is in kindergarten this year. She is an extremely bright child and many ways, way above the K level. We just had open house and as my daughter read the packet of information within earshot of her teacher that was meant for parents to take home, I kept getting told over and over again throughout the night how smart and "with it" she was. I let the teacher know that my daughter doesn't want to go to school becasue she's bored and wants to "stay home and read long books". The teacher admitted that the first couple of weeks are boring for everyone and starting in October things will start flowing as the reading groups become leveled and such. I also commented on the alck of homework and how my DD is disappointed. We do after school using Singapore, lots of reading, FLL and Sonlight. I suggested if i sent in a bunch of worksheets, could the teacher put a worksheet or so in her folder for homework and she agreed, wanting to make my DD like school and also work with me to meet her at her level.


My question for you all, what can I send to the teacher that won't seem like I am critizing her teaching? I don't want to send our Singapore work as that is extremely different (thankfully!) from what they are using at school. Any suggestions on how to handle this situation, knowing that whatever "homework" worksheet comes home will be up to her father and I to teach her as it won't really be from the teacher.....


Ugh, this is SUCH a delicate balance!


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My personal thought is to just send in a challenging book to read for those down times. Any worksheets that you send from home will be seen by the other kids and questioned and as you noted, are very different from anything they are doing in school, making it difficult for the teacher to assist/manage. I would continue to afterschool using the materials you feel are appropriate and pace her that way. I am also assuming additional gifted resources are not available at her school?

If you find the instructional level is still inappropriate, you may want to strongly consider homeschooling or a private school option. We are big fans of Montessori (mixed age classrooms), but it's not for all kids.

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Honestly, nothing. If there is no homework assigned from school be thankful you have more time to afterschool. I think what matters more is if there are other kids reading in the class. If your child is the only one, don't expect much. My son just entered K, can read and is doing 1st grade SM. So far nothing has been differentiated, but I think at least 3 or 4 other kids in his class can read so enough for a small group. Maybe I have low expectations of what he is going to do academically at school this year, but I sent him realizing it was more about socialization and learning routines, and he would do academics with me at home. He does have homework but it takes him literally one to two minutes to complete a night, so we have plenty of time to read, do SM math, and AAS.


Having been a teacher I would be annoyed if a parent sent in work, that I would have to put into a folder and send home to have the child complete. Then I would have to collect it and do what with it? Correct it, send it home?

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I let my DD have "fun" in K. She took her own books for reading but she loved the interactions and the arts. She really had a good time...Learning wise...she had completed abeka 1 at 4 yo and was way beyond the typical K lessons. She enjoyed the coloring and arts though...so I didnt mind. I had her working after school with me and that was enough. She still told everyone she was home schooled and in school.


They did offer her advanced curriculum later in the year and some teachers sent the higher K kids to 1st grade to join high reading classes.

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