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  1. Anyone already align either IXL or Khan Academy with Saxon Algebra 2 (3rd edition, hopefully)? I'm trying not to circumvent this if I don't have to! Kiddo just wants some extra practice on lessons where Saxon only provides like 2 or 3 practice problems for new skills. Thanks!
  2. Anyone align either Khan Academy or IXL with Saxon Algebra 2 (3rd edition)?
  3. We have a similar thing going on. Completed Physical Science this year. Rising 7th and will be doing Biology & Algebra 2. Honestly, I figure, she will do Biology again later in highschool and will hold off on a challenging chemistry until later highschool. I'm not so sure she'd do well on the SAT subject Matter tests later, taking these courses so early and honestly, even though she loves Biology, I'm not sure of unneccesary pressures of taking this class formally so young. We finished Saxon Algebra 1 this year so I'm not concerned about math, but we may go back to do some of the AOPS algebra problems this summer. The options there seem limitless. Science, I feel is harder to find. I'd be truly happy if the highschool years (11-12th) could be mentorship or completely lab based.
  4. Wondering about feedback. The site says it has interactive quizzes and activities for the online versions. I'm looking at the Magic Lens 1 set.
  5. anyone interested in selling their Biology instructor DVD if finished with it?
  6. Anyone have the vimeo link so I can check it out beforehand?
  7. I will take the swimming creatures, Apologia. Paypal? Just email me the link. Thanks, Aly
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