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  1. Thanks for the info on cal poly slo. I didn’t realize they included 9th grade in gpa calculation. I think they are the only uc or cal state who does. There are several math progression charts for his CC but since he isn’t sure what he will major in, the path doesn’t line up directly for a high school student. I would like him to eventually take stats and calculus just to be more prepared and to keep go options open.
  2. He does calculations with dry erase pens on a blank white board that is around 10 x14 and he has another white board that is for graphing that has grid lines. He prefers that but the downside is nothing is saved. He then puts the answer into a mathlab computer program that automatically grades homework and tests. I don’t think he bothers most time using the grid and instead put it into the computer. I am am only occasionally there to watch but when I am he isn’t having any difficulties so far.
  3. Thank you, this is helpful. I don’t think there is anymore graphing by hand though. All work is submitted online as are tests. You graph on an online system.
  4. Yes. The only prerequisite for trig is intermediate algebra at this community college. The hardest thing was getting him into intermediate algebra and proving he had taken algebra. That involved multiple emails. He is in 9th grade so he has to keep taking math classes through senior year.
  5. Exactly! Get on the plane and go see your daughter!!!!!
  6. My 9th grade son does fine in math but he isn’t interested it in it. He was homeschooled in 7th and did Foerster algebra. He then went attended a small private school and repeated algebra since that was the only math option. His public high school does integrated math so they were going to place him in Math 1H so it would be the third year of repeating algebra concepts. So he took geometry from Silicon high over summer (not rigorous at all and I think he just figured out how to look up answers so I don’t think he really learned much at all). I convinced the school to let him take intermediate algebra at our local community college and they said that is fine but he will then need to do the math sequence there. So this semester after forester math, college intermediate algebra has been really easy for him. The first half has been a review he says. So next semester the options are: 1) take trigonometry at the college - we are in CA and this class doesn’t count as a UC honors class so strategically it is better if he takes it now as a 9th grader. Not sure if it is better to take after college algebra. 2) college algebra - it does count as honors so perhaps it would be better to take next year as a 10th grader. 3) don’t take a college class and instead review geometry through studying math sections of ACT. And spend extra time doing ACT or SAT prep.
  7. I watched it with DH and my 7th and 9th grade sons. We had some good conversations on relationships, good vs evil, predatory lending, saving face with your family, etc. We watched the subtitled version not the dubbed version, which I think is always better. Episode 6- what an emotional episode. Best episode of the series On a lighter note if anyone wants to watch another Korean show but with none of the gore - “crash landing on you” is fantastic. I think it is still on Netflix.
  8. I think this is also a way of discouraging kids from being in Honors English. At some schools, only Honors/AP classes have summer assignments.
  9. I think you are overthinking the assignment. The point is to read a novel and think about it. The question are proof you read the book and can discuss it. I don’t think you need paragraphs for each question, just 1-2 sentences. So for the example -question 2 The stereotype of an engineer is (precise, methodical, observant, etc). The narrator is atypical because (list why- is the narrator not precise/methodical/etc). Wharton had the narrator use “vision” instead of “version”… I haven’t read this book but I would assume it has something to do with noticing if it is first or third person narration, is the narrator reliable, trustworthy, how is the narrator related to other characters, etc. So that question is 3-5 sentences. If your kids answer 5 questions a day (so 15-25 sentences if all the questions are kind that) they will finish in 10 days. I would not read ahead but make them answer the questions after each chapter.
  10. Those classes count for credit and factor into their GPA. In our district in CA if they are transferable CC (transfer to UC’s/CSU’s) they are counted as honors classes with a GPA boost (5 points for A instead of 4). Additionally they count for high school credit AND college credit if you end up going to a UC or CSU. Private college often do NOT allow this double dipping. The only concern is the grades stay on your college record forever so if your child ends up applying to medical school or law school those grades could factor into their GPA. Seems like a good deal overall. The CC classes here are free to dual enrollment students- they just have to pay health fee and student fee and books. I think that anthro class cost $30 plus $35 book rental. I just looked and a 3 unit class at UC Berkeley would cost $419 each unit plus a course fee of $380. At a Cal State it would be around $1500 for that course. The regular price at a CC is $45 a unit.
  11. My son just too a CC biological anthro class this year at end of 8th grade as a dual enrollment student. He will enter a B&M High School in Fall. I was told class would not count for credit or GPA. i was told CC classes taken previous to high school or in summer count for placement but not GPA. Credits are only given if the class has been approved by counselor.
  12. So today DH and are are both sore! Maybe we shouldn't have been so ambitious and done a 2 hour hike in the hills when we are so out of shape. It was such a nice day- Sunny and in the low 60's - perfect hiking weather.
  13. New year, new attempt at getting in shape and losing a few pounds. I am completely out of shape and DH have each gained 10- 20 pounds since March. Goal 1: Exercise every day- So far off to a good start. Rode Peloton Fri and Sat. Tried Peloton Pilates class Friday (my abs are still sore today). Went with DH on a 2 hour hike. It’s been a while since we went on a hike so it was nice to get motivated enough to go. Goal 2: lose weight - DH and trying intermittent fasting.
  14. I forgot to add if anyone is about to buy a Peloton, ask me or another board member for referral code (I got mine from a fellow boardie) and you get $100 off accessories and the person referring gets $100 credit at the Peloton store.
  15. Yes! That was my post! I ended up ordering the Peloton on October 30 and ended up getting it on Nov. 17th. I ordered the original not the bike+. When I ordered it was said it would take 8-10 weeks to deliver so I was pleasantly surprised how fast it came. I am really glad I bought it because DH and I have both are regularly using it. I rode every day the first three weeks and now am riding 4-5 days a week and DH is riding 3-4 times. I was hoping my 11 and 14 year old sons would ride but after the first week they both lost interest. So far I have just taken cycling classes but I am hoping to start casting it onto our TV and to take strength and Pilates classes. It was what I needed to get motivated to exercise. I have found the classes to be enjoyable and there are a variety of classes and instructors. DH has an instructor he really likes (Sam) so usually takes his classes, while I have been mixing it up. Last week I did two Holiday rides, a Beatles themed ride and a powerzone ride all with different instructors.
  16. My son watched a video about the google science fair winner from last year who investigated a method of removing microplastics from water using ferrofluids and a magnet. The extraction of microplastics from water using ferro-fluids - YouTube How hard do you think it would be to replicate this? And of course, how much would the supplies be and would they be easy to get, any safety issues, etc.?
  17. So far we all enjoyed it. I took a 20 minute beginner class, my husband did a ride set to music from the 90's, and my 11 year old took a scenic ride through a national park in Taiwan for 20 minutes. My 13 year old just hurt his Achilles or would have ridden as well. He set up his profile and is looking forward to riding soon.
  18. I am happy to report that my Peloton arrived today and so far my husband, son, and I have all taken a ride on it. I ordered it on 10/30 so it only took 2 1/2 weeks to arrive. When I ordered it said it could take 8 to 10 weeks. Not sure why mine came so quickly.
  19. I spent years going to different dermatologists from age 12 to 27. My parents first spent a significant amount of money and then I did treating my acne. Finally I went to a dermatologist who would prescribe Accutane. That dermatologist wondered why I waited so long. Cynically, since my acne was completely cured, I think some dermatologists would rather not lose patients and will keep prescribing lower level treatments. I really regret having to wait so long. I think having acne really affected my mood and confidence. I really wish I had taken it as a teenager. I will not hesitate to find a dermatologist who will prescribe Accutane if either of my boys have significant acne.
  20. I bought a pair of icebreaker wool leggings (they look like long underwear) three or four years ago that I wear in winter in So. Cal (so admittedly not that often) under a long T-shirt, sweatshirt, or nightgown in the early mornings/ evenings at home when it is cold. They are so incredibly comfortable and do not itch. I bought them in May or June for only $25 (was $89). Every winter I go on the icebreaker website to buy another pair but everything is so expensive. If you buy in the late spring or early summer they have really good sales. I just looked again right now and am debating whether to buy another pair for a Christmas treat for me. Someone needs to revive this thread in a May.
  21. What algebra curriculum are they using? It makes a big difference if the are using a program like CPM or MVP, which uses a discovery method where the steps aren't explicitly explained. If you miss how to do the problems or don't quite understand what you are trying to discover it is really hard to go back and figure it out.
  22. Hmm. I just ordered the bike and was sent an automated reply to schedule delivery. The first date said Nov. 17 so I took it, but I am skeptical it really will come that day. Regardless my husband will be home that day so if they don't deliver it won't be a problem. Perhaps because I ordered the older model it will be delivered sooner? Maybe it really will get delivered but I am not counting on it. As long as it it comes by the beginning of January I will be happy.
  23. Thanks for the warning. I researched and found that there is a long backlog. I just purchased the bike and before purchasing there is a huge warning that the original bikes are taking 5 to 10 weeks or more for delivery while the new version is backlogged 12 weeks or more. I am not planning for it arrive until January but it will be motivation for the new year. I will try to remember to update this post when I get the bike to post how long it took for delivery.
  24. Thanks for the feedback. I think we are going to go ahead and buy the Peloton bike. We have all gained weight during Covid and are now out of shape. We started off walking everyday in March and April and were walking several miles every day. Then somehow that slowed down and stopped and really need something to get us all motivated. We are saving so much money by not paying for any sports or activities for our kids or gym membership for the family.
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