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Lets talk Encyclopedias!

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We have two set of World Book Encyclopedias. Old one from hubby's family - 70's I think and a 2003 set I bought a few years back. We use them practically every day. A question comes up, I tell my son to grab the encyclopedia. I need to do research and don't feel like getting on the computer, grab the encyclopedia. Love them. Keep them in a tall bookshelf in the living room. You may want to consider getting a small bookshelf to store them in.

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We kept ours in a bookshelf in the family room, which is where we do most of our school stuff, and they were used often. But this year I moved them to our reference book area, which is downstairs in a bookshelf lined hallway.


They are seeing less use now that they are out of sight, so that might not have been the best plan.


A low bookshelf is a good idea.

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I bought a set of World Books (late '80s edition, with several additional update books) at a garage sale for $5 the first year we started homeschooling. They had never been used.


I store them on the bottom shelf of our main school bookcase.

DS uses them at least once a week for school, plus he is reading through them 'for fun.'

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