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Happiness is ...

dirty ethel rackham

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a facebook chat with college boy ... one that he initiated.


He was sick, but is doing better. He got cut from this freshman athletic contest (partially due to illness), but he needs me to bring him a red shirt since he is still "part of the team." When I asked if he needed anything, he said no. When I said he was too easy, he said that I did a great job helping him pack. Wow. He paid me a compliment! We are going to see him for the day next weekend. I can't wait! I told my other kids to study up so we can not have any school pressures following us up there.


I am just tickled! He needs me, but he doesn't. I guess I did an OK job:).

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:001_smile: He sounds like a sweet boy who is turning into a good man! Have fun when you see him.


As for the "pull", my middle boy was looking at a college website the other day and this institution has a tug-of-war contest too. He became soooooo excited about it and hoped that if he chose to attend, he'd be able to participate.


I nearly spit coffee across the screen. This is my child with the metabolic problem that keeps him severely, medically underweight. He's currently 5'8" and 91 lbs. NOBODY is picking him for the team.


Now, if they had the contest we used to have at my alma mater - how many people can you stuff into a V-W Bug???? Oh, yeah...he'd be the only boy in a car full of skinny women, probably curled up underneath the steering wheel! :lol:


It sure is an exciting time in their lives.



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