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I may have created a monster/ opened a can of worms

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DD and I are trying to plan college visits over her fall break from CC classes. We've been looking at in state colleges due to money. I just had a talk with her about college costs. We can probably afford to pay all of college if she goes to the state uni down the road and she lives at home. But we won't make her live at home. But she needs to realize that the debt will more than likely be hers. Which opened up something else - she can apply anywhere she wants. We can afford what we can afford and anything over will have to be scholarship/grant/loan. And those will be her load.


She's gotten an email from Stoneybrook in NY. She did the on-line photo tour since we'd never be able to go see it.

*We have that long weekend in October dear one.

Well if we do that can we go see Northeastern in Boston on the way home.

*Um, Boston is not on the way home from NY. :) But maybe we could go up on Thursday, Boston on Friday, NY on Saturday, home Saturday afternoon or Sunday. But that means no Kings Dominion for birthday.

Could we squeeze in an extra day in NY for sightseeing?

*Would you be happy for that as your birthday present?


*You wouldn't only see things you want to see. You'd have to go to thing I want to see too.

I don't care!

^Well, you can't go to NY without me! If you are going, I want to go too!! (Other dd comes charging in from the other room!)


So now I need to see if all this is cool with DH. And check out driving - train - flights and hotels.


The joys of children. :)

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