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Motivating aromatherapy blend

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Last night I tried an essential oil blend that is supposed to help one stay motivated.


It is bergamot, rosemary and peppermint.


I got so invigorated that it was harder to fall asleep, so today I made a perfume out of the blend.


I'm sure it is a placebo effect, but my mood does seem brighter.


The only problem is, everywhere I go people will be saying, "Do you smell peppermint? I swear, I smell peppermint."


I'll just walk innocently by.

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Thanks! I already have rosemary and peppermint. I am going to try this tomorrow morning (and order some bergamot asap.)


Do you mind posting how many drops of each?

OP, did you mix this yourself? If yes, please share the ratios.

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