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teenaged fashion

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So dd13 has announced she not only wants her hair dyed again, she wants to dress goth and get a brow piercing. :confused:


Umm no on the hair dye, she starts cadets in 2 weeks. no on the goth dress, not in my house. But I did tell her if she wants to go edgier she can just not full goth. and the brow ring has to wait until she is 16.


She accepted my terms no problem. But it makes me wonder what on earth she is thinking. SHe has never been a girly girl, previously she was more of a tom boy in clothing choice. All of a sudden she wants all black, and metal studded wrist bands, and black hair dye, and icky makeup.


We live in a town of 750. We are already hated and the kids are already outcasts. Seriously being the only goth girl in all of town would not go over well. I am sure that is part of what she is wanting, to be original. But does she really have to go that far out there.


We did pick up some really cute outfits the other night that were no goth by far. 1 looks like a black and white private school uniform. A couple cute t-shirts and a purple and black plaid skirt. She feels cute enough in them though she still wants metal studded items and a brow ring.


So I have 1 boy that will not put on clean clothes to save his life because they feel "wrong" when freshly clean. And 1 girl that wants to be "different". Sheesh, teens fashion choices are so bizarre. :tongue_smilie:

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We live in a town of 750. We are already hated and the kids are already outcasts.


This may be why. When people dislike you for who *you* are, as she probably feels right now, it hurts. If you dress as far from the norm as possible, you can blame the hatred on the dress. It is safer. Reject them and their standards before they reject you. I totally get that.


:grouphug: to your dd. People stink sometimes.

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Well today we have our outting day. We are going to see if we can find her some studded bracelets. I would rather that than a brow ring at this age. The hair I wouldn't care if she dyed again if she wasn't joining cadets but there is rules about it there. The all black clothes I can handle. It is the wish to have the caked on black makeup and all that jazz with it.


Teens are such a bizarre form of human imo

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