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Just need to vent!

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I am mostly a lurker these days, but I just need to vent.


We have just gotten into the swing of school this year. We worked hard all week so that today and tomorrow could be spent on science review, labs, math work and some writing. It was working out perfect! First thing this morning my 10th grader broke his glasses!!!! He can't see well enough to do much of anything! :banghead::banghead: it's just one thing after another!


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When you replace them, consider buying a back up pair from www.zennioptical.com. They have decent glasses starting at around $8 per pair for basic prescriptions. I buy all of dd's glasses from them. A friend prefers to buy her dc's primary pair from their optometrist but then she buys a back up pair from Zenni, just in case...


One year I even bought dd a cute pair of candy cane stripped glasses as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. At $8, I could afford it!

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