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Laser Pegs-does anyone have these?

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DD is seriously into lego building, and saw these at Target. The idea of being able to buy 3rd party light bricks is VERY tempting, if they work, since Light Bricks are such rare, expensive pieces that usually are only found in fairly pricey sets, and then only one of them.

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Don't have them, but thanks for the link. I just looked at purchasing the 3-in-1 Lighthouse Creator set for DS for his birthday, since it looked cool with the light block. This would make it easy for him to just build and include multiple pieces. They're cheap enough to just give it a shot and try it out.


Erica in OR

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Yes, and I had not idea there were refill kits. Cool. The kits don't come with a lot of pieces so it is harder to make your own creations than with a ton of Legos. But my middle DS loves them.


So am I seeing correctly, the Laser Pegs are going to interlock with Legos? Or am I just imaging that?

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