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Independent grammar and spelling? Where's my math?!

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First, if you were dd's math folder, where the heck would you be?!


Our recent string if events made me wish dd had some more independent work. What's out there, decent, and very inexpensive for grammar and spelling? Alone, she can do geography, history, latin and asl, read for science, and math. I never make her do all of this alone, but i'd like to be able to get the basics done when we have bad weeks.

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Why do i always check where something belings, last?! It was right where it was supposed to be!


I have come across growing with grammar and will look again. We have been doing fll from the beginning because she wasnt able to identify even a noun by name, so this is a slow process. Does gwg start early? R do you need some knowledge to start?

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Saxon Grammar is thorough and works well when used independently.


I read the lesson and did the handful of practice problems together with my son and then he did the longer review set independently. But he could have easily done the whole thing by himself.

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