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need prayers/vibes for my blood pressure, again.

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It had been doing really pretty well...135/80 about, which for me in pregnancy is about as good as it is going to get. But yesterday it was 145/85. And today, on the home monitor (that does tend to always read high) I got a reading of 138/88. Not good. No other symptoms, no head aches or what not, I actually feel pretty good. But I did get only 4 hours of sleep last night (toddler had a nightmare and couldn't get back to sleep), and then a bit of a nap today. So after that last reading I decided NOT to mop the floor with my new microfiber cloths that were delivered, and instead I'm going to rest on the couch. I HATE resting on the couch...but needs to happen.


I just drank the juice my midwife prescribes (celery, cucumber, carrots, apple) and I had about 1 tsp of natural calm earlier today (magnesium) and sprayed some magnesium oil on myself (I've been neglecting that). I also made up some pregnancy tea (didn't have any yesterday or today) that has dandelion root in it to help with liver detox and works as a diuretic. (also has nettles, alfalfa, RRL, etc).


I think part of this is just baby is down so low in the pelvis (+1 station as of yesterday) that he is putting pressure on the vena cava. I'm torn between wanting him to stay in 4-5 more days so I get my normal midwife, and wanting him to come out before my blood pressure gets any higher. I had more mucus plug come out today..probably because of the cervical check yesterday. I'm 3cm, stretchy to 4cm, 50-60 percent effaced, so this could happen any time.


Anyway, prayers please, that my blood pressure goes down a bit would be great. I am planning a homebirth and do NOT want to be risked out and have to go to the hospital to be induced.


(I have a BPP scheduled for Monday if baby is still in then...and baby is doing well...heart rate was 150 yesterday, he is moving a lot, etc).

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yeah, the rest is hard with the 2 year old. seems like every time I sit down she has a poopy diaper, or wants to climb on me, or is hungry, or needs a drink...you get the picture. Plus my couch is NOT comfortable to lie on, at least not on your side. I keep finding myself straining to keep my position which seems like it would be counter to the whole purpose.

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