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THIS is what I really love about homeschooling

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This year we have NO daytime commitments. It hasn't happened since I started to homeschool my girls 5 years ago. (I am going on my 14th year of homeschooling, started with my boys.). While I still have not healed from the coach bullying dd at synchro swim, and I miss watching her look so beautiful and graceful in the water - heck, I even miss the awards and the travelling! Still, I am so glad to not even have that commitment. We dropped the homeschool group and are transitioning into an evening teen group. ALL our activities are at night now and we only have one evening per week for activity, one for volunteer, most weeks. Some weeks dd will have two evenings of activities. Know what I love about this? We love to stay up late and get up late. Rushing off to co-op and homeschool group never afforded us this opportunity.


All pressure of Rushing kids to get their work done. No pressure of running to get here or there on time. No pressure of having too much stimulus on dd9.


But none of that is even what this post is about.


Today was the first day of school in our district. I stayed in bed longer and dd12 served me tea in bed. :001_wub: we went to a matinee, rode pedal go-carts in a parking lot (and drew a crowd! Will I ever grow up? I bought one, BTW, because I really can't see dd9 hurting herself on one!). and right now, at 10:45 my girls are still playing outside with flashlights, qnd the go cart, because we are on our OWN time clock. Even if we had started school by now (we will start Monday) I would still allow them to do this at this time because we CAN!!!! And since dd will be 13 soon, I am treasuring these moments because she will all-too-soon out grow them. :crying: I remember serving my boys hot chocolate as they sledded down our driveway by moonlight until midnight. We had history by campfire, history at river's edge, etc. And because we have no commitments this year, I can do the same with my girls!


We also each have our own airchair which hangs in the center aisle of our barn. We will let potbellies, pigs and chickens run around while we read aloud, or the llamas.


And Fridays are our oersonal field trip/matinee/outing days.


THIS is why I love homeschooling.



ETA: what I also love about this year's lack of outside commitment is that we can focus more on enjoying time with friends. :thumbup:

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Sounds heavenly. I love having our time be our own, as well, and always weigh commitments against the loss of time. We are night folks, too :001_smile:


We have been very busy the previous years. While I am thankful for the friendships the girls gained from it all, the time and financial commitments simply were NOT worth it. Other than synchro swim. It is such a relief to be done with weekly commitments to groups.

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It's amazing, isn't it? I still have to get up early because I have 2 in ps this year, but dd has no outside daytime commitments either. She moved into an evening art class, decided not to do 4-h this year (which is a hs group, so we met during the afternoons), has no other outside classes. We did sign up for one group activity but it's once a month!

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That sounds so beautiful! I totally agree, the freedom of HS is my one of my favorite things. Just yesterday, we skipped 'school' and packed the kids up for an impromptu trip to Disney. We spent ALL DAY thee, until they closed the park. Since everyone has gone back to school, the lines were non existent. We literally walked directly on to most of the rides at Magic Kingdom, which is unheard of. And since we school year round, we are 'ahead' for this year, meaning we can afford to take a day off. Having all these memories with my kids is priceless.:D

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