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Does this make sense or am I losing it?

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With the Cary jogger gone missing she's local to me, as in 15 minutes away!), I feel like I should have some sort of id with me. Since my oldest lost my Road ID,:glare:, would it make sense to carry my library card. I have 2 - one that is credit card sized and one that fits on my key ring. I have the key ring one on my key ring so that's the one I use. The credit card size just sits at home. The card doesn't have any info on it, just a barcode. BUT if you take the bar code to the library, they can find my name, address, phone number. The wonderful thing is, I can leave it in my water carrier and not have to remember it every time. At least until I can get a new Road ID.

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It's better than nothing, but it won't enable emergency services to locate your family quickly. It also doesn't name anyone as an emergency contact or next-of-kin, so if your dh is not home at the time, it may be difficult for anyone else to get medical information (if you aren't awake to give permission).


Why not just put the emergency info on a similar size piece of cardstock or index card? It should list another person in addition to your dh.


Also, if you carry a cell phone, you can designate emergency contacts on it by putting the word ICE in front of the name (In Case of Emergency). My dh is ICE husband on my cell (I put husband instead of his name, so they know to call that one first), and a few additional people like my mom and sister.


ICE should be used in addition to emergency ID, not instead of it.

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