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I just had to share....


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Some of my extended family, including my grandma, have not always been the most supportive about homeschooling. My dd is 5 and would have started kindergarten this year but we actually started last year so she is doing first grade work this year. My family doesn't say anything to me but I know that they talk about how much of a disservice I am doing my dd. I have a nephew that is the same age They are 6 weeks apart) as my dd and his first day of kindergarten was today. My sister and bil took my nephew to school and my nephew then screamed hysterically and cried. From what I heard it was awful. Anyway, my grandma called me a few minutes ago to tell me that she thinks what I am doing is wonderful and she is so glad that my dd doesn't have to be away from me! Talk about shocked! She went on to say how well adjusted my dd is and how proud she is of my family. It was nice to hear because it's not a common thing to hear from my (or dh's family).

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