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Studying Logic from 8th grade and up...

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We have not done Logic yet. What would be a good plan to start in 8th and how would you pursue it the next years? I'm considering doing The Art of Argument or Fallacy Detective as an intro in 8th. Where would I plan to go in 9th & further? I own Traditional Logic and Introductory Logic. Would one of those be the next step? If we used Art of Argument in 8th, would Argument Builders (by the same company) be the next step for 9th and then do more formal logic after that? Would Art of Argument and Fallacy Detective be redundant if I used them in 8th and 9th (I'm thinking yes, but they both look good to me) Sorry for the myriad of questions...I guess I'm wanting advice from those who know more about this than I (which would be most of you). Thanks in advance.



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The Art of Argument was not available when we did Fallacy Detective. However, in looking at the sample online, I think it would be great to do with Fallacy Detective. F.D. is more informal logic, and not as much application questions. I think (from looking at the sample) it would be a great go-along.

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I'm also starting on logic this year with an 8th grader. I've decided to follow the Bluedorn's at Trivium Pursuit suggestions for logic.


8th grade: The Fallacy Detecive supplemented with the Logic Countdown workbooks.


9th grade: The Thinking Toolbox supplemented with the Logic Countdown workbooks.


10th grade: Nance's Introduction to Logic


11th - 12th: The Art of Reasoning by David Kelly (This is a college textbook and I'm going to divide it into a two year course)





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