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This day always makes me sad.

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It's the day public school (traditional calendar) starts. All the moms posting photos on facebook is no big deal. It's the moms who are so happy and excited that their kids are out of the house. And then the other moms who are so sad at the thought of sending their kindergarteners out the door - just school them at home!


I don't say a thing to the ones who are happy. But the ones who are sad, I do tend to post "homeschool! :-)"


But I am sad for my neighbor. She was happily married, planned a pregnancy, got pregnant and then her dh left her. They had planned together for her to stay home and now she has to go back to work. She's a teacher. Trying to help her out has been hard - she always has her parents visiting from out of town! There's nothing left to do! I love that she has the help. That they have the flexibility.

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My son is 9th grade. We know some that send their kids in high school, but thankfully we have a great core group that does NOT do this.


I honestly thought we would be the ones doing this and I had a lovely charter school all picked out.


My boys still beg to be homeschooled and now I am very thankful (ok, well, ask me next week after we are deeply back into school! ;)).


We now plan to HS all the way through unless THEY ask to go to school AND have a good reason.


I understand!


I saw a post on Facebook that another one of our homeschool group's 8th graders is off to public school this year.


They start dropping like flies when they reach my son's age. :glare:

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