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update on us - school

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I think we made the right decision. Remind me of this the first time I get annoyed at the boys' school! :D


My three elementary boys loved their new school and were happy with their teachers. They are excited to start school. My twins are with a lady who wasn't phased at all by identical twins with speech problems - she only wanted to know if they were all right sitting at different tables and if there was an obvious way to tell them apart. My daughters were like spies checking out the boys' classrooms and reporting back to me - they gave their approval. The classrooms are cheerful and cosy and filled with wonderful learning materials, many of which my boys recognized because we have them at home too. They won't be taking the bus home because I think 45 minutes to go 5.5 miles is a little ridiculous! :001_smile:


My high school age daughters love the school I teach at. They both decided to take 4 classes and will still homeschool a few classes each. I could barely drag the girls out of the school when the open house was over! In addition, I got complimented several times about my wonderful daughters from the other teachers.


My youngest is in a topnotch preschool 3 days a week and will have a babysitter with a degree in education who loves giving one on one attention the other two days while I am teaching (I only teach a few hours a day, not full-time).


I may actually have a moment alone several times a week :D, something I haven't had in 16 years.


I have a feeling we are all going to thrive. :001_smile:


I am happy to have banished the burnout!

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That's great. It must be a big relief that they all seem to be settling in so happily. Here's to your Moments Alone, hope they prove to be content and productive for you.




I may just soak up the silence. Or I may start digging out my house!


I missed your original announcement but congratulations on your transition!


Thank you!

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I know it is bittersweet, but I am sure it is a huge relief to feel like things are going to be okay. :grouphug:


Actually, what's surprising is that it's not really bittersweet at all, it just feels right. I feel so much relief that my schedule may actually be as manageable as the schedule of a working mom of seven can be.


I heard Daughtry's song No Surprise on the radio today, and it made me think of homeschooling and how I feel about it right now.

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