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Where to go next with math?

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Dd7 is on track to finish Singapore 3B in October. I'm undecided on what to do next -- go on to Singapore 4A or sidestep and go through the Beast Academy 3 series for the rest of the school year?


I'm not really in favor of slowing her down. However, I love BA and really think she would benefit from it. Doing both at once is not an option because I don't have that much time to spend on math (we have to rush through school as it is, but that's a different post).

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We haven't done Beast, but I sometimes alternate programs with Button -- either alternate days (right now btw. MEP and Singapore) or sometimes alternate weeks. Just a thought.


If it is btw. Singapore 4a and Beast right now, and she's up for Beast, I would say go for it b/c it is supposed to be excellent: why wait? I'm not using it myself b/c Button is going through a Trying Period and I don't want to add another variable ...


also one thought: I am not liking Singapore 4b's presentation of decimals, and we had trouble with it so I'm skipping ahead to the Geometry part of 4b and teaching decimals with the Key to Decimals books first. I'd say using Beast now has, for you, the additional advantage of the child being older when she hits 4b, I think a more mature brain will have an easier time; but maybe the troubles are peculiar to Button ...

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At the end of 2nd grade last year, I did Singapore 4B 3 days per week and BA 2 days per week. That could be an option. Ultimately, I dropped BA because DS was beyond the basic topics (he was flying through Singapore doing 2 lessons a day in about 30 minutes). It might be a better fit for your DD since she's still closer to 3rd grade math.


My son did read all of BA, of course. ;) He's going through LoF as his supplement now, and it's a more appropriate level for him. He's also NOT VSL, so LoF is a better fit. BA will probably be perfect for DS2.

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