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AAS replacement letter tiles?

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We did SO good for 2 years not losing a single tile until ds was (FINALLY) ready to start it. Well, now that he is finally ready we are missing 5 tiles :001_huh: We got it 2 years ago to do until we found out all his learning difficulties so we put it away. They were there the whole time. I kept making sure. :glare: Will I have to buy another complete set of tiles? (and put the magnet backing on them all, again?) :001_huh:

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For just five tiles you could probably just make your own replacements with adhesive magnets from the big box or craft store-- or gluing to old magnets you have in the house. OTOH, I bought a second set of tiles when we ordered level 3 or 4, because my ds was annoyed that there weren't enough of some letters to spell certain words (like puppy which requires 3 p tiles)-- including a word that was in one of the lesson examples (which annoyed me:)). So, I think you could go either way and be fine.

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I remember reading here on the forums that if it is just a few tiles they will replace them for you for free. Hopefully someone who knows will chime in.


Just email AALP, they will send you replacements for those missing tiles.


Yes, they'll replace up to 5 for free. Email or call :).

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